The offense is a big unanswered question for LeBron James’ Lakers: Alarm or work in progress?

only Team Five who offensive efficiency are worse Compare Los Angeles Lakers (110.5): Bulls (108.9), Pistons (108.8), Spurs (106.3), Grizzlies (105.7) and Trail Blazers (105.1).Among them, none exceeds five wins this seasonThey were also one of the least efficient teams in the entire competition. so, How could LeBron James and company be so low despite being among the best in the Western Conference?

he Angelino suit The season starts with Mixed feelings.

A high score is like advancing to the quarter-finals of a tournament without losing a single, and a low score is like a massive loss due to an inability to score. You can survive in today’s NBA without an elite defense, but the situation is much more complicated if the offense is ineffective. On top of that, as is the case with the Lakers, Los Angeles’ defensive ratio isn’t particularly impressive (14th; 112.4).

So, it’s time to break down the main keys to the Lakers offense, where it fails and how to change it.

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The key to the Los Angeles Lakers’ poor offense

The issues affecting the Lakers are coming from behind, and just like last season, the Californians can’t shoot from long range.The team that consumes 20% in the regular phase is He made the fewest 3-pointers per night (9.8), was second in the fewest attempts (29.1), and was third in the fewest successful attempts (33.8%). With numbers like that, it’s very difficult to make an offense work today, especially when the league averages 12.6 conversions per game and a conversion percentage of 36.1%. A very different background to that under Daven Ham.

The problem is, not only were the shots missing, but the volume was also very low by today’s standards. The injury to Gabe Vincent, who played only four games, coupled with the absence of specialists and Anthony Davis’ complete abandonment of outside shooting, all contributed to this phenomenon.In fact, the player with the most long-distance shots is LeBron James(5.7)at least a significant improvement compared to last year, Efficiency increased from 32.1% to 39.2%.

Cal’s offense is inefficient because it relies almost entirely on offensive creation in the paint. The Lakers are the fifth-leading scoring team (55.7) and have the highest success rate in the entire NBA (69.3%). However, things get more complicated when they’re away from the basket. For example, in the middle distance races they rank fourth (35%).

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How to improve the Los Angeles Lakers offense

Sooner or later, the Lakers will have to start thinking about transfer market Find experts from afar. For a team that aspires to a spot in the Western Conference while also competing for something important in the playoffs, having just three players shooting above 35 percent from three is unsustainable.

Although the transfer market is open, it will not be realistic until December 15th. Most of the free agents signed this year are likely to be transferred on this day.Aside from stars or big contract figures like Klay Thompson or Buddy Hield, as far as the Lakers are concerned, the realistic thing is to look at names like Doug McDermott (47.5%), Alec Burks (38.5%) or Cedi Osman (41.3%).

Before this opportunity arises, the Lakers should change their tactics to some extent and no longer place so much emphasis on direct blocks and low clearance situations. Or at least, Find a way to increase the number of outside shots from the edges of this system.

If the triple problem is not solved early, it is difficult to predict that the Lakers will not be in trouble for the rest of the regular season.

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