The official return of winter time in Egypt. How late will it be and what time is it?

Starting from 11.59pm on Thursday 26.10.2023, the clock was delayed by 60 minutes, i.e. from midnight on 27 October 2023, which falls on Friday and Saturday morning, and the works will continue throughout the winter period for 6 months. Through the following lines we will learn some details related to the return of standard time and the implementation of daylight saving time last April.

Daylight saving time 2023

Return to winter time

The Egyptian Council of Ministers approved the start of summer time in 2023 because it has many advantages that will bring many benefits to the country by rationalizing energy consumption, especially in light of the changes and difficult economic conditions that the world sees.

The Egyptian Council of Ministers decided in April, and precisely on the last Friday of last April, to introduce summer time, moving the clock forward by 60 minutes, with the aim of providing different energy sources such as gas, petrol, electricity and diesel.

Last April the Council of Ministers decided to return to summer time after 7 years of suspension of this law, and the clock was moved forward by 60 minutes.

Daylight saving time and summer time represent the change of official time in one of the countries or provinces twice a year and the time for several months each year. The official clock will be reset from the beginning of spring by moving the clock hands forward 60 minutes, while the return to winter or normal time will take place in autumn.

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Winter time in Egypt

According to the government’s new decision, winter time will come into effect starting from noon, precisely at 11.59 pm, and winter time will come into effect on Friday morning, October 27, and this day will mark the official transition from summer time to daylight saving time, as the clock will be set back 60 minutes, as it will remain running during daylight saving time until the end of Thursday, October 26, 2023.

Winter opening hours for shops

According to the new regulations and laws, the opening hours of shops and shopping centers will be from 7:00 to 22:00 every day, except for restaurants, but there are some important exceptions, as visits will be carried out during working hours on Thursdays and Fridays, as well as national holidays and holidays, where shops will close at 11pm.

Winter hours for restaurants and cafes

Return to winter time

As for the working hours of winter restaurants and cafes, as well as bazaars in shopping centers, the working hours will be from 5:00 to 12:00 every day, and the working hours will also be increased here on Thursdays, Fridays, holidays and public holidays. official holidays, as the service will continue until 1am.

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What is the importance of daylight saving time?

Daylight saving time helps a lot in completing many tasks before the end of the day, as it helps to save time and use daylight hours to rely entirely on natural lighting to save energy consumption.

What time will it be?

The time was set back yesterday to 11:59am on October 27, 2023, moving back 60 minutes.

How many countries have summer time?

More than 87 countries around the world adopt summer time, including 55 European countries, 9 Middle Eastern countries, 11 North American countries, 5 South American countries, 4 Oceania countries, and 3 African countries. China is excluded from these countries’ calculations because it believes that the summer period will not bring them any benefit in terms of energy savings.

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