The only Thessalonian in this context is Ataturk, and he…

Journalist Shaban Sevinc shared that he placed Özgür Ozil and Meral Akşener in front of a photo of Ataturk that day and added the note “3 Thessalonians” underneath.
Why did Sevinç marry Akşener from Izmit? Thessaloniki What he said is unknown.
According to Meral Hanım’s statement, her father came from the village of Kuçukadi in Diyarbakır and Buykadi, one of the few Alevi Turkmen villages in the region. To the drama Displaced He came from a family.
The situation of Ozgur Ozil, born in Manisa, is no different. room Strain to SCOBY He tells us that he endures.
cheerful, Balkans We will understand, but where did Thessalonica come from?
The only person in the photo is from Thessaloniki Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

He does not come from a privileged social class. He is the son of one of the city’s Muslim families.
His miracle is not that he is from Thessalonica, but that he is When you go to Anatolia Find it again, recognize it. While he did not visit Thessaloniki, he remained here until his death and was buried in Ankara…
Most importantly, the state was not captured by the Ottoman dynasty, but by a people called “Thessalonians.” Committee of Union and Progress To take it from him.
That’s right, Meral Aksener “legacy“We are we” Who was in power from the 1908 coup to the Republican Revolution?
Naturally, they blamed the cost of the adventures that led to the war they had brought the country into on the captive Sultan. He goes abroad. He goes abroad “From the Thessalonians.”
We could also say that Germans are admirers, or open-mouthed admirers, of Western technology and culture.
So, what is the reason why those who call themselves Ataturks look for miracles in Thessaloniki?
Don’t they know what I’m telling you?
Yes, they don’t know.
For this reason, they already enjoy the prestige they seek and the lands in which they live To the oldest civilizations of the world They don’t realize they are hosting it.
their breeds, Average European continent With a city More established if they are linked They think they will be seen.
By the way, why don’t they dream bigger, like “My great-grandmother Romanian immigrant They don’t say that, that’s a separate issue.
Anyway… Tell me, would they do it if they knew? cartoons Will they demote you to a position?


Big manipulators The last is Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger, who has died aged 100, was the greatest man of the century. He was one of the manipulators..
His talent served him well when he was born into a Jewish immigrant family from New York and found himself in a position to play with the fate of the world.
In which country does it appear? coup Was it happening? Civil war He was coming out.
Life is one The war of the world It wasn’t enough to remove it yet, but he did his best.

He even won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Yes, he was manipulative.
But Mr. Registrar for this work SorosDifference of tan free no, With the state It was his job.
His power is not from his money. From his influence in the bureaucracy It was due to.
Therefore, even if he lost, he did not pay the loss out of pocket.
Now his account in the world is closed.

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