The Order of the Five Stars and the End of Kurozumi

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The story arc of Wano Desh is also coming to an end one piece animated series, Big Mom is defeated, while Luffy is about to play his last trump card against Kaido. Onigashima has more to tell, before finally parting ways with the Emperor.

When Law and Kidd’s crew celebrate victory of their captains episode 1068 of one piece Izo faces a dangerous battle. After rescuing Kinemon and his sister Kikunojo, entrusted to Usopp’s care, the former captain of Whitebeard’s crew finds himself in the presence of two members. CP0 infiltrated Vano, For the sake of his friends, Izo cannot allow them to leave unhindered, despite the Cypher Pole agents’ offer to give up the futile battle. The numerical disparity and already accumulated efforts prevent Izo from achieving victory, who nevertheless manages to kill one of the government agents. The second, the Victorious, receives a new order coming directly from the Five Stars of Wisdom. CP0 had to intervene in a fight between Luffy and Kaido To kill the Straw Hats. Even X-Drake, who is still alive, gets the message.

Another important issue has been resolved in One Piece 1068. Komurasaki, Wano’s most famous courtesan, entertains with her shamisen lo Shogun Kurozumi Orochi, agitated by the coming cataclysm on Onigashima. When debris falls on the dictator who tortured Wanno with Kaido, Komurasaki acts by revealing his true identity. After striking the shogun with an agalmetolite nail, the courtesan explains the meaning of the song she played. “Moon Princess” was a favorite song of her father, Kozuki Oden. lady hyori Thus ended the reign of the Orochi and Kurozumi clan. With the release of One Piece 1069 we will be back to savor the battle between Luffy and Kaido.

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