The plot and actors of the film Operation Kandahar

The main character of the new thriller will be Gerard Butler as an undercover CIA agent who has to escape from Afghanistan.

It will be released today, August 24, in an exclusive preview. on Prime Video action drama Operation Kandahar. Directed by Rick Roman Waugh and based on screenwriter Mitchell LaFortune’s real-life experiences while serving in Afghanistan. thriller star undercover CIA agent Tom Harris (played by Gerard Butler), who, suddenly finding himself in hostile territory, must try to escape with his Afghan translator.

History of Operation Kandahar

After sabotaging an Iranian nuclear reactor, undercover agent Tom Harris discovers that some informants have revealed CIA involvement in the destruction of the reactor and that his name has also been revealed, causing his picture to appear on television news. Now with his cover blown and his mission compromised, Tom has thirty hours to catch up. Kandahar Airport, Afghanistan and leave the country.

The idea, of course, is not an easy one: several people are on the trail of Tom in order to capture or kill him, and even the Afghan translator Mo (played by Navid Negahban), who helps him get out of the country, actually feeds on dissatisfaction with warlords and Western forces.

Curiosity: the film is based on real events

Written by Mitchell LaFortune inspired by real stories collected during his service with the Defense Intelligence Agency in Afghanistan.

In particular, the screenwriter emphasized, the last two films served as inspiration. life experience in western Afghanistan, near the border with Iran, where most of the film actually takes place. “One thing we really wanted to do with the film was to show as much reality as possible,” LaFortune explained. “You don’t have to agree with Iran’s foreign policy to understand that those who operate there are people and do what they think is in the interests of their country.”

“I loved how Mitch’s script gave a voice to all parties involved in this ongoing war cycle in the Middle East,” he said. directed by Rick Roman Waugh. “To find so much sympathy even from those who persecute our heroes is an extraordinary feat. For me, the action should be based on emotional tension, so that we feel excitement, fear, anxiety or tension, just like the characters.

“Tom and Moe are equally important in the script to show how these different governments and cultures work together as well as against each other,” added LaFortune. “I have spent years in Afghanistan and I spent years working with a guy whose real name is Mo, immersing myself in culture. So my goal was to action movie that he was extremely respectful of the country, the culture and the people I met there who are trying to make a difference.”

Cast members Operation Kandahar

film cast Operation Kandahar includes the above Gerard Butler AND Navid Negahban. The film also features Ali Fazal, Bahador Foladi, Travis Fimmel, Nina Toussaint-White, Vassilis Kukalani, Mark Arnold, Corey Johnson, Ravi Aujla, Ray Kharatyan and Tom Rhys Harris.

The film is produced by Basil Ivanik, Erica Lee, Brendon Boya, Gerard Butler, Alan Siegel, Scott Lastaity, Christian Mercury and Ali Jaafar. Executive Producers: Andrea Dimiti, Will Flynn, Jonathan Furman, Daniel Robinson, David Haring, Roman Viaris, Peter Smith, Sam Barnett, James Mascello, Matthew Sidari and Tom Ortenberg.

Live broadcast of Operation Kandahar

Movie Operation Kandahar available from August 24, 2023 on Prime Video.

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