The Pons-Perianes Agreement, by La Mirilla

Yesterday, the Liceo stage was the venue for Alicia de Larrocha’s centenary celebrations. It was Javier Perianes, a close friend of the maestro Josep Pons, who was responsible for evoking her acclaimed Beethoven style.Andalusian pianist and Liceu Simfònica gave a concert emperor Remember in front of an enthusiastic audience aware of the importance of this dedicated performer and composer from Barcelona in world piano music. De Larrocha, who performed in Liceu seven times in her life, yesterday did not use Spain’s recognized wines of Falla, Granados and Albéniz music, but instead used the palette that brought her fame abroad to underline her international status.In addition to Beethoven, Perianes also performed an encore night The work of Edvard Grieg she loved stirred the passion of an elated high school student. Pons and Perianes, two colleagues on and off the scene who chatted for hours each time they met, appeared ecstatic. Like last night, in this musical Barcelona.

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