The protagonist reveals what to expect from the end of ‘U’

Actor Penn Badgley has revealed to fans that his Joe Goldberg in U5 has a few flaws to contend with. But which ones?

“You wonder what or rather who he will have to face when Joe finally returns to New York. I can’t say who yet, but let’s just say there are a lot of loopholes in Joe’s past. The question is, what will they be? with these words actor penn badgleywho plays the protagonist of the netflix series YouJoe Golberg has raised the curiosity of the fans who are currently waiting for it fifth season of series.

You 5: Preview and News

Like many news related to these weeks netflix tv series and moviesToo progress on you 5 Communicated in the context of great global event Tudum 2023, But end of fourth season Joe Goldberg, after a decidedly bloody conflict in London, returned to New York. He’s with new girlfriend Kate (played by charlotte richie), has a clean criminal record and has many plans for the future. In short, it has the full semblance of a fresh start, but surely the protagonist can’t really expect to be able to hide from his past.

And in fact, as indicated by the lead actor himself during Tudum, Jo’s background is different. pending issues This could cause him difficulty in the next season. For example, there is Marianne (played by Tati Gabrielle), who has been Joe’s obsession for a long time. Dr. Nick (John Stamos), who was drafted by Joe in Season 2. And then Henry, the son, and Ellie Alves, also Joe’s neighbor in season two.

Ellie is played by among other things Jenna OrtegaThe actress who then achieved ultimate stardom thanks to the lead role netflix series wednesday, the return of ortega in you (still in the role of Ellie) had already been conceived during the fourth season, but on Wednesday the actress was forced to decline the role due to concurrent commitments on set. In the last few interviews, Ortega had already had the opportunity to announce that she wanted to return to you. Who knows, maybe that’s one of those “unfinished business” that Joe will have to deal with!

what will happen in you 5

there is no shortage of theories and speculations about what can happen in you 5, But of course none of the rumors are confirmed at the moment. One idea that is circulating a lot online is in the series finale Joe may have been killed by one of the women who were his victims, but are still around. This is, for example, the case of Marianne, who did not die but secretly returned to Paris, or of Nadia.

when u5 gets into streaming

As announced a few months back, The fifth season of U will be the last and will be released on Netflix in 2024, The exact date hasn’t been announced yet: U4 was released on the streaming platform in March 2023, so it’s likely that the fifth season will arrive around the same time.

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