The Puerto Diverso 2023 project continues to be developed by the Puerto Rosario City Council and the Altihay Fuerteventura LGTBI+ Collective Association.

town Hall Puerto Rosario and this Altihay Fuerteventura Association LGTBI+ Collective continue With the development of the Puerto Diverso 2023 project.

Space to eliminate LGBTBI phobia and prevention of STDs are some of the pillars of the agreement.

Puerto Rosario, August 22, 2023. – Dear Mayor of Puerto Rosario David de Villa, accompanied by c.Equality, Diversity and LGBTBI MPs+, Tacoremí Gutiérrez signed a cooperation agreement with the President association Altihay Fuerteventura LGTBI+ Collective, Desiré Chacón, continues awareness and prevention campaigns to inform people about the realities of LGTBI+ families in Puerto del Rosario.

he The main purpose of this agreement is to Raise awareness of LGBTBI+ realities, expose family, affective gender diversity, and gender identity and/or sexual expression throughout the city of Puerto del Rosario to avoid discrimination and harassment or hate situations plus fPromoting leisure culture from an inclusive perspective that supports peopleLGBTBI+ creative and artistic engagement leaves its mark on the civic environment.

with this signature further purpose isPromote freedom of sexual and gender expression and combat LGBTBIphobia and exclusion society and crime Hate in the area around Puerto Rosario and work in the field Prevention and self-care to detect, reduce and eradicateYesSexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and syphilis.

Over the next year, Fuerteventura LGTBI+ entities and municipal bodies will work together to develop equality and diversity policies to improve the quality of life of the LGTBI+ population in Puerto Rosario.

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