The rapper with whom Dybala made his Coppa Italia debut

It’s January 12, 2023, and Roma have just scored a goal in the Coppa Italia against Genoa. Paulo Dybala, before showing his mask, takes a side cap and puts it on. It is black with initials on it. BZRP extension. The value of a promise made while playing Truco argentino (card game) with bizarre.

Bizarrap left football, but football wanted to go to him at any cost. The Argentine manufacturer is one of the protagonists of last year internationally: it all started with Bzrp Music Sessions Vol.52 with Quevedo. A few days before Dybala’s goal, he produced Session 53 with Shakira, in which the singer does not escape Pique. BZRP is the great passion of Argentine footballers. During his live performances, in the last few songs, he wears a Messi T-shirt with a World Cup patch. A fan of Veles, but a football lover. On his last night in Ibiza, he stopped everything to say hello to a fellow River Plate fan and ask him how much his favorite team had done. Then, in silence, he sang “Muchaaachos”, the chorus celebrating Argentina’s victory in Qatar.

Of course, he couldn’t back down. After going mainstream at the Albiceleste retreat with Duki, whose 2017 remix opened the door for him, made “3 Estrellas en el Conjunto” to celebrate being world champions. The song is almost 5 minutes long, contains cumberos from La T y la M and was a hit in South America for several weeks. His association with Italy is not limited to Paulo Dybala.. According to the notes of his song with Quevedo, it was Clementino who created the Napoli remix for the Scudetto victory: “And I am looking for happiness, looking at the moon, and in those nights I quickly ran to you, I did not sleep, because the world was crumbling around me, and then I thought you were all there was.”

The one with Quevedo achieved everything. Even in Seville, where Betis decided that the violinist was playing before the derby. All Benito Villamarin on time with text rewritten in a curve: “Otra drove. Que la copa a casa vuelve, tengo en la mente, los goles y todos los partidos, que quiero levantarla de nuevo contigo.” You must have seen it on TikTok. At the end of 2020, he was the most followed Argentine artist on Spotify with over 11 million monthly users. He entered the University of Marketing, but realized that music had become too relevant not to give it 100% of his energy. This is the official song of the Argentina Football Championship Jugador del Año.: “I really like football and I loved freestyle since childhood, I’m very happy.” He has an album of stickers with his favorite artists. Until he has cooperated with everyone, he will not be satisfied: “My friends went dancing and I stayed at home to study FL Studio, sometimes until dawn, falling asleep with the computer on”. Now he is the king of the evenings.

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