the role of a sensual model-Corriere dell’Umbria

Virgin Cassel, aged 18 years she became the cover girl of the new issue Yodonna. daughter Monica Bellucci AND Vincent Casselseems to be just following in the footsteps of his mother, who was born in castle town and still very attached to the center of tifernate and to everythingUmbria. Having passed several famous fashion catwalks, Devas debuted in the world of cinema with beautiful summerFrom Laura Luchetti. Film based on the novel of the same name Caesar Paveseworld premiere took place in Locarno film festivals and releases in theaters on Thursday 24 August. beautiful summer– the title of a collection of three novels by the author, committed on their own, but united by the theme of a traumatic transition from adolescence to adulthood, which inevitably leads the main characters to disappointment and frustration. Virgin Cassel in the film she played Amelia, sensual model and free posing for some artists Turin Bohemian. The young actress explained to Jodonna that she was fascinated by Amelia’s energy and freedom, as well as her hidden fragility: “Entering her, I discovered another aspect of my being.” Virgin Cassel, always in interviews he keeps saying that “Amelia, I think, is a part of me. However, the part that never comes out, which I have inside, which I recognize and protect.”

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