The sci-fi film starring Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal received 17% approval on RT; Check out the reaction!

Criticism of Com 12 published so far, or sci-fi suspenseEnemy‘, elongated Saoirse Ronan (‘Adoráveis ​​Mulheres’)e Paul Mescal (“A Filha Perdida”), was touched by critics, conquering only 17% critical approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

The general consensus is that depending on the good performances of the main characters, the production is unfounded due to the tedious, boring and uninteresting rotation.

Let’s separate three main criticisms:

“The problem with these films is that once you look back and think about what you witnessed, the story becomes less tangible.” (Diversity)

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“At first the story is disturbing, but gradually gives way to sadness, confusion and self-confident solemnity.” (HollywoodReporters)

“He has a lot of ambition and talent (for this project), but the narrative mechanism of the film is still with him until 2065.” (The keeper)

“This film is bogged down by insufficient aspirations and aggressively tedious storytelling.” (Deadline)

“It follows from this how the story might function: the characters’ narrative arcs exist, but they are on the periphery; The building of this universe is intriguing, but inconsistent – now, between the pages of Ian Reid’s book and watching the film directed by Garth Davis, something interesting has been lost in translation.” (Next best movie)

“Not everything about this film works, but the story’s beautiful, emotional imagery makes it the best sci-fi project of the year.” (

“The film is a collection of concepts, issues and thoughts—a collection of errors in the volume and the narrative.” (Cinema)

Or there will be no terror in our North American cinemas sixth day of outubro.

Director Garth Davisthe book is based on the book of the same name Ian Reid – Assina wheel to adapt to the side Davis.

“In the story, Hen and Junior live on an isolated farm, but the quiet life at home is turned upside down when a stranger appears at their door with an unusual offer.”

Aaron Pierre also continue production.

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