The Secret to a Radiant, Healthy Back

When it comes to backless gowns, it doesn’t get any better than the stunning fiery red Valentino gown that Margot Robbie wore to the UK premiere of Babylon in January Inspired. However, having a red-carpet-ready back can be difficult to achieve, as certain parts of the back are hard to reach.

One of the most common problems is back acne (acne), which occurs when pores become clogged. “One of the most common causes of back acne is sweaty clothing,” says dermatologist Elizabeth Hale. “The hair follicles on the back can accumulate sweat and bacteria, leading to breakouts, especially after exercise.”

To combat this, shower with a salicylic acid body wash and use a back exfoliator. If body wash doesn’t help, it’s best to see your doctor for a foaming peroxide treatment, which kills bacteria that cause inflammation.

In addition to treating back acne, taking care of your back is important for maintaining your overall health and appearance. Since our backs tend to build up stress, try regular therapeutic massages to relieve tension. For added shine, finish the process with a perfect faux tan.

To prolong the duration of your fake tan, you can apply Aus Tan Extender Spray every night before bed. It’s a lightweight, hydrating, moisturizing ombre bronzer.

Getting a red-carpet-worthy back takes extra care and attention, but it’s definitely possible with the right products and treatments. So whether you’re planning to wear a backless dress like Margot Robbie or you just want a healthy, radiant back, follow these tips to get the most out of your bare back.

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