the series dedicated to “rock women”

Debuts tonight, Wednesday, March 8, 2023, on Sky Documentaries (and streaming, also available on demand, on Now) Women Who Rock (HERE the trailer), a docuseries dedicated to the women who have written the history of world music in recent decades: pioneers capable of fighting to establish themselves in an environment dominated by men. The documentary is divided into four parts, the first of which is aired, not surprisingly, on the occasion of International Women’s Daywanting to celebrate singers, musicians, composers, more or less famous, who have played an important role in the various musical scenes of the last century and the first two decades of the current one.

Women Who Rock: from early 1900s blues to today in four episodes

In the first episode Mavis Staples tells the legends of the past that have marked the blues, gospel and soul: But RaineySister Rosetta Tharpe, Wanda Jackson and Aretha Franklin, who paved the way for so many other female artists, as evidenced by the debut of Janis Joplin to the Monterey Pop.

In the second episode they are protagonists Tori AmosSusanna Hoffs e Norah Jones who along with Kate Pierson, Tina Weymouth and Joan Jettillustrate a musical era fueled by the ladies in question (and not only them) that inspired, in addition to listeners, male colleagues, setting the stage for the rebellion of the punk.

To get to the present we go through the “MTV revolution”

The third episode of Women Who Rock focuses on “MTV revolution” (HERE the historic first two hours of broadcasting), an important moment in which female artists underwent strong pressure to exploit their image as much as possible. To reveal these background stories, among others: Pat BenatarNancy Wylson and Aimee Mann.

Finally, in the final episode, Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crowbjork, Taylor SwiftGwen Stefani e Billie Eilish reflect on the present. About how women can achieve success when they work together. And all together they explain to us what it means to be «a woman who rocks».

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