The situation facing Rio Negro in the summer

Provincial crisis committee meets to discuss sea lions infected with avian influenza The Municipality of Viedma submits a request to the authorities of the Secretariat for the Environment of Rionegro regarding the restoration plan. In this new campaign we analyze the data, especially in La Loberia, which is the most affected.

The good news is that after the commission analyzed the latest data from the Rio Negro CoastThe axis is located in the Punta Bermeja Natural Reserve, where a declining trend in specimen mortality has been recorded in recent weeks.

So far they have found dThere have been some 1,291 confirmed cases in the province since the start of the pandemic, 801 of which are linked to Punta Bermeja ANPwhere La Lobería beach is located, has been closed since the first case was discovered.

Last week, 38 bodies were found along the Rio Negro Of these, only 1 appears in La Lobería.

That is why during the meeting the Ministry of Environment and representatives of the city of Viedma agreed, Develop pilot procedures for carcass management in coastal areas Corresponds to the local ejido.

Prepare a compilation report of all international publications on the field Avian influenza management in different parts of the world.

This document will serve as a reference tool for decision-making by the Inter-Agency Committee.

Rising temperatures in the region indicate Summer is coming.This is why Widmens commune is speeding up the removal of corpses The sea lion colony and La Lobería beach are currently closed to the public.

The committee meeting was chaired by Dina Migani, Minister of Environment and Climate Change of Rio Negro, and brought together authorities and technical staff from various organizations, including Rio Negro Ombudsman Adriana · Adriana Santagati, representatives of the Ministry of Health, SENASA, the Secretariat of Environment and Climate Change, the affected municipalities, the Rio Negro Police Department, the Argentine Navy Department and the National University of Rio Negro.

Avian influenza totals in Rio Negro state

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