The story of a young man from Dublin eager for Spanish public health: ‘I didn’t want to imagine things getting serious’

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“When did I think about getting sick in this country. I miss Spain“This is how the story begins, with a young Spaniard living in dublin (Ireland) shared on his Tiktok account. In the book, he recounts his experience going to the doctor and buying prescription drugs after he became ill. His conclusion, in a nutshell: “I don’t want to imagine when things get serious”.

@marcosperellim I don’t want to imagine when something serious will happen 🫠 #irlanda #medico #fyp #parati #viral #españolesporelmundo #españolesporirlanda ♬ Original Sound – Perelli

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Back away.

“I miss you Spain”

In the publication, he said he was unable to go to work due to sinusitis and fever, so he had to see a doctor to justify his absence. Later, he recounted his experience of going to the doctor: “For 10 minutes he charged me 60 euros”, he promised.Additionally, he explained that the doctor prescribed amoxicillin and nasal spray, which cost him a total of 36 euros.

“I spent about 96 euros including doctor and medicine”, he said in surprise. He ended the video with the words: “I miss you, Spain.”

There’s no better cure for the extreme liberal craze than hearing this and other truly horrific stories, especially when something as important as health care relies on private corporations. A warning to those who are seduced by the temptation of those who seek to destroy the public health system piece by piece.

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