The Strange Case of Dodge the Cat

Fame changes and success is not for everyone, but what is happening now Doja Cat this is unprecedented.

Recently, the famous singer has decided to directly attack her fans and break any bridge with the past, both from a personal and professional point of view.

The whole story began at the end of 2022, when the Dodge Cat decided to drastically change her image, cutting her hair almost to zero and moving closer to a much darker style.
Some of her fans did not take well to these changes, criticizing the choice of a woman who gradually became more and more aggressive with her audience.

Things got even worse when Dodja Cat criticized her old songs as “garbage” and announced the debut of a new sound that everyone would listen to during her new tour.
The confusion and complaints from his fans at that moment annoyed the star, who from that moment began to ruthlessly insult his entire audience, so much so that he lost 500,000 subscribers on Instagram.

Is this the end for Doja Cat or maybe a new beginning?

Joseph Giacone
Daniela Welcome
Musical director

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