The surprising origins of a Pontevedra farmer: “I had nothing to do with it” – Galicia

Let’s go to the supermarket to buy Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish…But we rarely show up to the producers.

Who grew the tomatoes we keep in the refrigerator? Where do they come from?

We checked in front of a fruit shop. “The most important thing is the priceBut equally important, it is close and of high quality,” explained a woman who had just purchased.

There are also people who don’t pay attention to where a fruit or vegetable comes from, but generally when they are in season they do consider where they were grown. “Depending on the product, I look for local products,” a young man at the exit of a supermarket in Santiago told us.

Maika Mougán’s experience as a producer

Today in Herrera, Cope, Galicia, we meet Maika Mougán, head of Hortamanda, a company producing horticultural products in Pontevedra Mes (Meis).

She has been growing lettuce, cabbage, padron peppers, cauliflower and tomatoes since 2011 and is pleased with the results, even though she had different plans when she was younger.

“I studied aestheticshas nothing to do with this. Miña aboa and miña nai have been grown, but there is no greenhouse. “Montei you guys come in and see what happens”

One of the keys to Maika’s success is A portion of its production is purchased directly Cadiz. “It gives me peace of mind knowing that some of the work will be owned by them.”

Maika Mougán is one of the women participating these days in a forum of local producers organized by the supermarket group.

“We make visible the importance of rural womentaking into account the relevant role they play in the sustainable development of their environment”.

The harvest is not good this year

In any case, this year’s garden product harvest is not as good as in previous years. “In the heat, you’ll see some flowers scorch.”

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