‘The Swamp King’s Daughter’ premiere delayed due to Taylor Swift

The Swamp King’s Daughter also delayed its theatrical release to avoid dealing with The Eras Tour, Taylor Swift’s concert film.

Announcement of imminent release Eras Tourconcert film Taylor Swift, caused various changes in theater programs. One of the latest films to be adapted for theatrical release is Daughter of the Marsh Kingdrama with the main character Daisy Ridley. According to Deadline, the film’s theatrical release would have been delayed by a month to avoid a box office clash with Taylor Swift, whose appearance on the big screen is already looking like a big hit. Suffice it to say that in terms of pre-sale preparation alone, the concert film broke important records. As a result, some films scheduled for release during the same period chose to take a step back and reconsider their available dates.

‘The Swamp King’s Daughter’ movie release delayed due to Taylor Swift

The expected changes mainly concern foreign cinemas, given that in Italy it is unknown when the Taylor Swift concert film will be shown. In the States, The Swamp King’s Daughter was supposed to be released in theaters October 13, 2023 but to avoid a direct confrontation with the pop star, he modified the release, postponing it until November 2023. Based on the novel Karen Dionnethe film is about Helena PelletierDaisy Ridley’s character is forced to confront a past she thought was buried when her father escapes from prison.. Jacob Holbrook, known as the Swamp King, kidnapped her mother several years ago, and Helena was born from this relationship. Now grown Helena will have to stop the man who taught her everything she knows about survival. The cast also includes Brooklyn Prince AND Garrett Heldlund.

However, this isn’t the first film to change its schedule to avoid competing with Taylor Swift. Apparently the pop star scared even the long-awaited Exorcist – Believer horror franchise, which was originally scheduled for release on October 13th before being pushed back to October 6th. Even a romantic comedy What happens later director and performer Meg Ryan changed the release date to the same as in “The Marsh King’s Daughter”, and also Ordinary angels. It will also be shown in cinemas on November 3. Priscilla From Sofia Coppola It premiered at the 2023 Venice Film Festival.

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