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There is a moment in the Barbie movie when the narrative voice, which in the original version is that of Helen Mirren, breaks the “fourth wall” and speaks directly to the authors: “For the filmmakers, Margot Robbie is a person to spell wrong if you want to pronounce this speech,” he admonishes them. This happens when Barbie’s all its splendoris going through an identity crisis and claims she doesn’t feel beautiful enough or good enough despite looking almost perfect. Joke off the field, which was welcomed in the hall approving laughter, voices a common thought: how can Margot Robbie have the same insecurities as us mere mortals? However, the Australian actress manages to be sweet and empathetic even where she takes risks. not inspire confidence.

Barbie is the movie of the summer, but above all it’s a Margot Robbie movie. It’s his because he fills it magnetism and craftsmanship, but it’s also hers, because she did it as a producer, not as a main character. Robbie is going through golden moment, who also came after a series of important roles that, at 33, made her a Hollywood diva in the most modern sense: a feminist, fast-paced artist, entrepreneur, as well as an actress. “it’s amazingTo in everything she does,” Martin Scorsese said in 2017 when he described her for the list. 100 most influential people years in time.

On the other hand, it was a role in his The Wolf of Wall Street four years earlier that gave her a head start, thanks to an audition in which she passed. impromptu slap Leonardo DiCaprio. To play a nude scene in the film, Robbie admitted he won nervousness drink a couple shots of tequila. And she was also convinced that, as a 22-year-old rookie next to a star, she would pass unnoticed: “At the time, I thought that no one would notice me, no matter what I did in this film, because everyone would be focused on Leo.”

It didn’t happen, and with the money made from it, he also the loan was repaid home of his mother, to whom, as he explained, he owed everything. Born in Queensland, the third of four siblings, Robbie had little contact with his father: parents separated when she was five years old and raised by her mother, a physiotherapist who spent a lot of time on her grandparents’ farm. Her first recognition came with the Australian soap opera Neighbours, in which she had to act only a few times, but she soon became permanent member of the cast.

Then a jump to Hollywood and a list of characters, always different and increasingly important, that started to arrive in chains: evil and psycho Harley Quinn “Suicide Squad”, controversial figure skater Tonya Hardingstrict Elizabeth I in Mary Queen of Scots. Just “Tonya” in 2017 brought her first Oscar nomination (the second came with “Bombshell”) and was also the first success of LuckyChap Entertainment, the production company she co-founded with her husband, Tom Ackerley, and their childhood friends.

They have been married since 2016, met on the set and became a couple in life and work: “I am a supporter of do business with your partner and getting married is a lot of fun,” she said in one of the rare statements about her personal life. At LuckyChap, he favors female stories, including films like Promising Woman and series like The Maid, and strives for creative control over his work.

With “Barbie” she proved it in full: it was she who convincedMattelto give full freedom to director Greta Gerwig, she wants to work with Gerwig, she, as she said with a laugh, “write herself” as the main character, even if she was not originally supposed to be. So now it’s everywhere: failure official social accounts, has dozens of dedicated pages run by #robbers, his fans. Its beauty has been put under magnifying glass in hundreds of articles putting forward a wide variety of (and never confirmed) hypotheses. aesthetic interventionsand was also used as a model by those asking for touch-ups (in 2020, the clinic published a survey according to which her face was the most requested). Margo’s mania, to which she responds with humor and love: A video from 2022 has surfaced these days in which she stops to speak to a deaf fan in sign language. Yes, he knows it too. Certainly Dolly.

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