The target of Israeli genocide is Fakhruddin Alton: he and his team must be stopped immediately

The terrorist state’s killer media targeted Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun.

The article stated: “It is impossible to overthrow Erdogan, but Fahrettin Altun and his team must be stopped. Immediately!” A hostile attitude attracts attention.

It was alleged that Alton was defending Hamas

In the story titled “Fakhruddin Altun Erdogan continues to play global supporter role for Hamas” published in The Times of Israel, Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun was targeted.

The news claimed that Alton defended Hamas on a global scale.

It was reported that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who escalated tensions with the government of Benjamin Netanyahu by citing Israeli operations in Gaza and expressed his disapproval of that, introduced a new name behind the scenes, unlike previous years, and that this name behind the scenes is Communications Director Fakhr al-Din. Alton.

The news pointed out that Turkey tried a new strategy in its relations with Israel, in contrast to previous diplomatic crises, and said: “While maintaining diplomatic relations and avoiding any tangible sanctions against Israel, it continues to continue its unabated national and international distortion against Israel through social and traditional media on Both.” The campaign is being implemented.”

Scandalous statements by defining “Professor Alton”

The news indicates that at the forefront of this strategy is Communications Director Alton, who participated in the most secret meetings with Erdogan and is also one of the closest to President Erdogan, and includes the following allegations:

“In fact, Professor Alton runs the Presidential Communications Department, a well-organized propaganda office with state resources, hundreds of employees, and an international network. And he does so with great skill.

Altun launched all Turkish campaigns based on the message that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza and systematically killing civilians. According to him, Israel decided to target Hamas targets in Gaza for reasons that were not immediately clear.

As of October 7, there had been no statement from Professor Alton and those around him regarding the terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas in Israel, which resulted in the horrific deaths of hundreds of civilians. Alton’s personal narrative is filled only with criticism of Israel and defense of Hamas. Alton’s speech resembles the speech of a Hamas official launching attacks on Israel from a room in Doha, and not the speech of a Turkish statesman.

In their speeches, Hamas leaders consistently express their goal of destroying Israel, even going so far as to talk about the possibility of eliminating Israel by repeatedly carrying out October 7 attacks and indiscriminately killing women and children. Despite expressing their commitment to the truth, Alton and his team conspicuously avoid addressing this troubling situation.

One of Erdogan’s biggest drawbacks in the past has been the anti-Semitic undertones of his rhetoric. However, Alton succeeded in moving Erdogan’s rhetoric away from anti-Semitic expressions and into a completely anti-Israel orbit.

He added: “In every message, Altun expresses Turkey’s desire to mediate between Hamas and Israel, but his statements and strategy show a strong bias towards the Hamas terrorist organization.”

They accused TRT of carrying out “terrorist propaganda.”

In the news, which claimed that the most important component of the Communications Directorate under Altun’s leadership was the traditional media, Altun announced, in a strategic move, that Turkey’s largest news network, Anadolu Agency, the country’s main television network, TRT, and the affiliated TRT Arabic and TRT International channels Regionally, he allegedly manipulated Israel into a focal point by using it under his control. The report accused government media of spreading misinformation and propaganda in favor of Hamas and terrorism.

Taking advantage of the press freedom provided by Israel, Anadolu Agency and TRT correspondents constantly focused their attention on Israeli soldiers defending their homeland, and it was noted that all of this was distributed to the media in Turkish, English and Arabic.

“However, this center headed by Altun has not issued any statement against the false claims,” said the report, which claimed that the Center for Countering Disinformation had strategically used English, Turkish and Arabic posts on social media to conduct psychological operations against Israel. “There is no evidence that it is making any An effort. No statement was made about Hamas’ support for acts of genocide and massacres against civilians, nor is there any initiative to address Hamas’ accusations against Israel.” It was reported in the news that Altun also runs a social media team that creates headlines in Turkish, English and Arabic, and that this also provides Altun with an important space to conduct black propaganda against Israel.

“Erdogan is impossible, but Alton and his team must be stopped.”

The article stated: “It is impossible to overthrow Erdogan, but Fahrettin Altun and his team must be stopped. Immediately!” A hostile attitude attracts attention.

In his latest post on social media, Communications Director Alton stated that Israel’s deliberate targeting of journalists continues unabated, and said: “Israeli attacks on civilians in Gaza are killing thousands of innocent people, and creating scenes of the end of the world. The majority of the missing” Lives of Children and Women The elderly, health care workers and journalists. The dehumanization of the people of Gaza has reached unimaginable levels. Israel is trying to silence the real voices coming from the field by shamelessly attacking journalists who try to perform their duties.

It seems that freedom of the press and the right to obtain accurate information mean nothing to Israeli officials. They clearly just want their photos and accounts of events to go viral. It is unfortunate that the international community has remained silent in the face of these Israeli attacks on the press. Although it is too late for many of our colleagues, the international community cannot remain indifferent to these attacks. ” male.

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