The time Taylor Swift sang in the pouring rain

Many Swifties were disappointed to learn on Friday that her second show in Argentina had to be rescheduled due to extreme weather. Coincidentally, in her 17-year career, the singer has never had to suspend, cancel or reschedule any show due to heavy rain.

during tour speak Now In 2011, Taylor performed at Gillette Stadium, spending much of the second half of the show in pouring rain. On top of that, as if to make the moment even more epic, the first drops began to fall as she sang “With you, I’d dance in the storm in my best clothes.” After that show, the singer came down with bronchitis and had to cancel four shows.

This situation was repeated again in May of this year, when, within the framework of the Tour journey of times, Swift performs in Massachusetts. The flooding was so severe that fans feared the worst, but Taylor didn’t leave them with a bitter taste, giving it her all despite the water, thunder and wind.

At that time, through his idol. ”

This time, it wasn’t the rain that ruined her, but the flower-painted piano she played every night in the surprise song section of the playlist. After the rain, at the next show, as the singer prepared to play “Red” (Tyler’s version), the piano keys began to sound without anyone touching them.

“Apparently, the rain broke my keyboard,” he told the crowd, laughing. “I’m literally like underwater. I don’t know how these instruments worked last night. This one broke, so I’m going to go find the guitar. “Everything is fine,” he added.

It’s worth noting that the first show took place in the rain. journey of times It was almost canceled because the weather wasn’t going to improve in Nashville. However, Taylor took the stage two hours later than the agreed time and performed until after 1:30 in the morning.

“The dancers, band, audience and I almost turned into little kids and happily jumped in puddles the entire evening. I would like to thank the crowd again for waiting for the weather to clear. Thanks to my amazing team who kept the stage, lights and equipment dry and worked properly so we could perform. “It was a great late night that I’ll never forget,” he said at the time.

In Argentina, things are different. Despite rumors that Swift’s team wanted to host the event, the city didn’t seem to feel it was safe and decided to move it to Sunday by mutual consent.

Taylor Swift's Instagram post after rescheduling her second show in Argentina.  (Photo: Instagram)
Taylor Swift’s Instagram post after rescheduling her second show in Argentina. (Photo: Instagram)

In this case, Swift wrote on her network: “I love the rain, but I would never put my fans, my teammates, or the team at risk. We have decided tonight in Buenos The show in Saires was rescheduled for Sunday because the really chaotic weather was not suitable for a concert. The good news is that I’m in Argentina longer.”

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