The ‘Tracking Gate’ that works like a Swiss Army Knife

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Most of the time when I run, I run like a goat into the mountains.

In this analysis we bring you Brooks sultry trail shoes Belongs to a somewhat underrated niche, but we particularly like it because it brings us a lot of fun in our daily lives: Tracking Gate.

And the shoes are: Brooks Divide 4choose Seattle brand For those of us who live in the city but also love running in naturerolling on non-technical terrain and Corey Burroughs.

What is “door to trace”?

this concept door to trace Refers to the type of trail shoes Designed for versatility and off-road adaptability For runners and runners. These shoes are designed to allow you to run from your doorstep (Door) Go straight to the mountain (trace), whether it’s roads, trails or trails, there’s obviously no need to change shoes.

The idea behind sneakers door to trace This is a pair of sneakers Designed to be comfortable and practical enough on asphalt (capable of normal use in these urban environments), while meeting our needs on more irregular terrain,supply Traction and support Suitable for this type of surface.

Comments Brooks Divides 4
Most of the time when I run, I run like a goat into the mountains.

Who might benefit from Brooks Divide 4?

Brooks Divide 4 is perfect for asphalt runner (through belief or obligation) People who want to start trail runningor for those who are already a more established mountain runner and don’t want to overcomplicate their lives and want Walk out of the house with just one pair of shoes and walk a few kilometers until you reach nature.

This is a trail shoe for performance Training/shooting without too many complications-Let us not deceive ourselves- We go out for a run most of the time.

Alternatively, for those who don’t want to spend a fortune and have a 2×1, there is a pair of shoes that can be used in both environments.

DNA LOFT midsole

to run smoothly Cushioning, comfort, safety, Brooks Divide 4 uses composite materials DNA Loft. And it doesn’t require resorting to “advanced” versions of the same compounds used by its trailer sisters, Cascadia 17 (DNA LOFT v2) or Caldera 6 (DNA LOFT v3). There is no point in offering maximum performance to the shoes we are using (thus making them more expensive) because the shoes we are going to use are not as “competitive” as their counterparts from Brooks.

Back to the compound, DNA LOFT refers to two concepts: one is Brooks’ own DNA material, and LOFT is one of several finishes made by the American brand. This DNA is a polymer with non-Newtonian properties (that is, it changes depending on the pressure you put on it), and when applied to shoes – and this is what we’re interested in – They make the cushioning dynamically responsive to each athlete’s running style. That is, the response will be different if the speed is slower or faster.

And the attic?Well, it’s a DNA variant where Increases softness of materials at compression levels. They achieve this by adding air during the production process.It feels softer and is suitable for shoes with transparent uppers Careers are using it in shoot based training And you want to be comfortable for all the kilometers.

Brooks Divide 4 You have some profile information 20mm at heel and Forefoot 12mmwhich gives us a drop 8mm.

Divide 4 uppercut

The upper limit of dividing line 4 is Great focus on comfort Mesh with open, one-piece construction allows the shoe to good ventilate.

We can go out for mountain running with peace of mind, because Brooks Divide 4 comes in handy reinforcement load This will give us peace of mind and safety while running. There are protective reinforcements on the toes and most of the sides that, obviously, won’t let in sweat, although at the height of the base of the metatarsals (the shoe will flex during use), the reinforcements have four openings on each side if we find ourselves in a puddle. Or cross a small river, which will be very beneficial to ventilation and drainage. These openings also provide the upper with a small amount of flexibility, with the shoe flexing at the end of the stride transition.

Thick, fluffy tongues anchor the sides of the shoe to prevent shifting. The laces are flat and threaded through five eyelets, leaving one eyelet at ankle height for a more customized fit.

Additionally, a Brooks signature is incorporated into the tongue of the Brooks – an elastic band that allows anyone who wishes to thread the excess laces through in case they want to fully tie them up (very useful for avoiding accidental trips). Useful) when walking through low vegetation).

The heel area features soft lining that adapts to the contours of the ankle to provide support while hugging the ankle comfortably. Strong supports can support our ankles well when our feet touch uneven ground.

Review Brooks Split 4

TrailTack sole

The sole consists of a large longitudinal strip crossing from tip to tip, with the material slightly cavitated, which will give us lateral adaptability.

A front transverse strap was added, with another located in the midfoot spanning the entire width of the shoe, bisecting the sole and responsible for providing flexibility throughout the support and momentum phases of the foot during play.

They aid in the aforementioned flexibility while reducing the weight of the shoe..

the compound Tracking pegs Brooks Divide 4 It is a rubber that provides good traction on both dry and wet terrain.. Apart from, Its wear resistance is quite high.

If we look at traction, what we see is subtle design at the forefoot and heel (reverse traction here, for downhill use).

They’re not too big of a block and don’t have a lot of separation, which means they don’t drain mud very well, but we shouldn’t worry at all because that’s not their purpose either. These studs have an arrow shape that provides better traction.

In short, A sole with good grip even on wet terrain that works wonders in the transition between asphalt, dirt and compact terrain.

sustainable development

  • The upper is made of recycled materials: 57.8%:
  • Each shoe is equivalent to 6 plastic bottles Not yet reaching the landfill

Brooks Divergence 4 Summary and Perspectives

Brooks Divide 4 is a sneaker door to trace Designed to keep you comfortable, cushioned and well-protected while running from your doorstep.Also, make sure that if we use them correctly They can stay with us for a long time.

Comfort is similar to our asphalt shoes, so if you’re new to hiking – or need an all-in-one shoe – The Brooks Divide 4 can be a well-oiled Swiss Army Knife For your more “traditional” shoots and workouts, we do these most of the time while running.

Brooks Divide 4 gives us adaptability Hit the asphalt first, then forget about the feeling of mud and stone from the crazy crowds running through the forest and let Divide 4 secure our footing.

Of course, its sister Cascadia 17 perfectly comes to our rescue if we are looking for more technical and difficult trails.

Brooks continues its huge commitment to the trail world (you just have to look at the wins racked up by its strong trail team), and this Divide 4 only reinforces that commitment.

With it, Brooks continues to expand its reach to all runners who are keen or at least want to run in the mountains. The Divide 4 is not intended for runners who are keen on mountain races, but rather targets a more specific market segment: Those who are just starting out and need a model to get started They are looking for good value for money.

Not to forget those who are looking for a reliable trail shoe designed to make the transition from tarmac to mountain as natural as possible.

Brooks Divide 4 trail shoes price is 110 euros.

Brooks Divide 4 technical sheet

  • Men’s final weight: 294 grams
  • Ladies finished product weight: 264 grams
  • Drop: 8mm (20-12)
  • Midsole: DNA Loft
  • Sole: TrailTack


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