The twenty-ninth day of the massacre: The catastrophe in Gaza is worsening

The Israeli-Palestinian war entered its twenty-ninth day with violent attacks against civilians in the Gaza Strip and allegations of war crimes. While yesterday’s Israeli attack on an ambulance convoy once again drew attention to crimes against humanity committed in the region, a UN official said there was less and less what they could do to protect Gazans trying to hide from the war.

Pictures of the attack on the ambulance convoy in Gaza began circulating on social media. Israel said in its statement that they “fired on an ambulance used by Hamas members.”

While the death toll in the attacks on Gaza for 29 days exceeded 9,000, it was announced that 2,326 women and 3,760 children were killed, representing 67 percent of the total victims.

What happened minute by minute on the twenty-ninth day of the war is as follows:

09.50: Israel warned its citizens. The warning stated that Israeli citizens should not leave their country. However, citizens abroad were required to hide their Jewish and Israeli identities.

09.15: It was reported that the occupation army bombed the entrance to Al-Nasr Hospital for Children, west of Gaza, and there were deaths and injuries in the bombing.

08.39: A fire broke out as a result of the bombing of the electrical generator of Al-Wafa Hospital in Gaza.

07.49: Throughout the night, Israeli occupation aircraft continued their ground and air attacks on various cities in the north and south of the Gaza Strip.

07.16: He stated that the occupation forces raided Palestinian homes in various cities in the occupied West Bank and arrested a large number of citizens.

02.30: The Palestinian Red Crescent reported that 47 additional aid trucks entered the Gaza Strip, which is under siege and Israeli attack, from the Rafah border gate.

01.53: The Ministry of Health in Gaza denied allegations that the ambulance located at the entrance to Al-Shifa Hospital, which was subjected to an Israeli attack, was being used by members of the Hamas movement.

01.17: He stated that US Department of Defense (Pentagon) officials requested clarification from the Israeli army regarding the reasons for the first attack on the Kibalia refugee camp.

00.33: It was announced that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will meet with the foreign ministers of Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates today in the Jordanian capital, Amman, to discuss the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

00.04: Amnesty International indicated that if the conflicts do not stop, the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, which has been besieged by Israel for 16 years, will worsen.

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