The unforgettable Jessica Fletcher is set to return to film in a surprise reboot

A mystery writer and a private detective will star in the film adaptation.

Jessica Fletcher he was going back. Well, yes, although Angela Lansbury, who played her, left us at 96 years old, a cult character Murder, she wrote he may appear again with a new adventure. And not on the small screen, but on the big screen, in the cinema. Two writers, Rebecca Angelo and Lauren Shuker Blum, announced this at the Toronto International Festival. Both were involved in the adaptation, which is helmed by producer Amy Pascal.

She Wrote Murder in the Cinema:

Reboot of the film “Murder, She Wrote” -

The idea has been under consideration for some time, dating back to 2013 when it came to the TV station. NBK. Nothing happened then, whereas in this case the signs seem encouraging. When the SAG-AFTRA cast and Writers Guild of America strikes end, work will continue. Until then, we will have to wait for the disputes to be resolved.

Hollywood is in a very turbulent phase, and so is the reboot of the series. Murder, she wrote pays the consequences, even if it is impossible to know exactly what the consequences will be.

Reboot of the film “Murder, She Wrote” -

Project news on Murder, she wrote will please the fans. Broadcasting from 1984 to 1996 in total twelve seasons and 264 episodes, the TV show was also successfully exported to our peninsula. Repetitions are often overlooked, but the charm of an unpublished adventure would, of course, lie in something completely different.

Get used to seeing another translator Murder, she wrote it will probably be difficult, at least at first. But if the job is done well, perhaps some satisfaction will come. To know whether the pregnancy will bring the desired results, we are confidently waiting for official updates. In the meantime, there is an idea, and it is more concrete than ever: statements made at the Canadian event dispel doubts.

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