The urinary tract is where bacterial infections are most concentrated in childhood – Castellon

Pediatric nephrology is the specialty that studies, diagnoses, and treats kidney disease in children and adolescents. Dr. Jesús Lucas, a pediatric nephrologist at the Medical Center in Castellón, Visayas, said: “Consult to evaluate other pathologies, such as glomerular disease or glomerulopathy, tubulopathies, nephrolithiasis, hypertension, enuresis and other urological diseases , as well as follow-up of premature infants with nephropathy, less than thirty-two weeks, and many other pathologies with abnormal renal parenchyma or renal function.”

Likewise, experts assure that “severe urinary tract infections, recurrent or caused by abnormal bacteria, may be the first manifestation of urinary tract malformations and, thanks to technological advances, can now be diagnosed by prenatal ultrasound.”

Symptoms of urinary tract infection include frequent or increased urination in infants, burning sensation during urination, feeling of urination even when the bladder is empty, urinary incontinence, abdominal and low back pain, and fever, but no lesions. There are other symptoms, such as slow weight gain or lack of growth, excessive urination and large fluid intake, abnormal urine appearance (such as the presence of blood or protein), or high blood pressure, that can guide experts in diagnosing other kidney diseases.

Treatment and Advice

Dr. Lucas commented, “When treating urinary tract infections, antibiotics are administered, often modified to justify use based on urine culture results,” adding, “The duration will depend on the type of infection, which in pyelonephritis , lasts longer than a urinary tract infection that affects the bladder (called cystitis).”

Experts recommend developing proper urinary habits, including frequent urination and complete emptying, because in the long run, retention habits or holding urine can lead to decreased bladder function and post-urinary residue, which in turn is beneficial for new patients. Urine is a factor. Urinary tract infection.

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