the video of the dragon Maleficent catching fire and triggering panic

Gigantic flames unleash the panic at Disneylanda fire ravages the maleficent dragon and immediately a chain reaction is triggered among the audience present at the show. It happened last night at the California theme park, where suddenly the fire-breathing ‘animatronic’ character – a 13m tall robot – caused a fire. Something went wrong during a live performance with water shows and fireworks: the flames have spiraled out of control. Nobody was injured. Disneyland staff has immediately evacuated the area and the firefighters immediately intervened to make the spectators safe. All save among the hundreds of adults and children attending Disney’s most acclaimed show. After the explosion of firehas developed a thick smoke and spectators were immediately evacuated. The BBC made it known and, precisely in these hours, social networks are invaded by amateur videos that film the dramatic fire. Disney has opened an investigation to ascertain the causes of the accident e “out of caution” has suspended shows similar to that of Maleficent in all its theme parks around the world. It is not the first incident involving the evil dragon of Sleeping Beauty, taken from the film Maleficent with Angelina Jolie (2014). Already in 2018Maleficent’s animatronic had caught fire on a wagon during a parade at Disney World in Florida.

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