the viral video that is leaving social media speechless

THE jeansfull stop of the fashion for over a century but always full of novelties. And surprises, as in the case of a hidden detail only recently noticed by users of social and that left millions of people speechless.

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The jeans with the lock

The sudden discovery shared on TikTok by Marilyn, a creator with 570,000 followers on the @mmarlo__5862 account amazed 5.1 million users who viewed the short video in which the “secret” of jeans zippers is revealed: some models have a “padlock“.

@mmarlo__5862 I seriously had no idea!! #fyp #micasa #iwastodayyearsold #tipsandtricks #sidneyraz #hometiktoks #hometipsandtricks #lifehackstiktoks ♬ Pretty Girl Era – LU KALA

The “discovery” may not be new to many, but judging by the comments and views of the short video, many were surprised. And here Marilyn also shows how to activate the padlock: once the zip has been pulled up, just flatten the puller and the zip will be closed.

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