The war on social networks continues: celebrities support Israel and Palestine

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I more than 2000 people died in a catastrophic conflict between Hamas and Israel this gives Saturday, October 7 keeps the whole world on edge.

After seeing that several Hamas terrorists were ruthlessly using social media to share scenes of massacres and kidnappings of Israelis in the Gaza Strip, many people began to take action using their own accounts. Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) to show solidarity with the people of Israel.

Over the past few days a lot has happened celebrity who decided to expose themselves, using their social platforms full of posts, stories and comments to declare their support for the brutal attack on Israeli civilians. Star like Gal Gadot, Mark Hamill, Amy Schumer, Natalie Portman AND Isla Fisher they preferred more sincere statements, while other celebrities preferred silent support. Among them we find the Oscar-winning actress Jamie Lee Curtis who showed his support by posting an Israeli flag without captions on his Instagram profile.

Even on the other side of the conflict, there were several high-profile supporters who used social media to promote their causes. solidarity with the Palestinian causeregardless of possible consequences that the gesture could advance their careers.

Gal Gadot and Israel supporters

One of the first stars to express their opinion about the conflict on social networks was Gal Gadot, Israeli actress who gained worldwide fame thanks to her interpretation of the superhero Wonder Woman.

Gadot, who served inIDF (Israel Defense Forces), used his Instagram profile to encourage his followers 109 million subscribers support Israel’s cause: “The world cannot sit idly by while these terrible terrorist attacks occur! I support Israel, you should too.”

These statements quickly caught the attention of many of his colleagues in the entertainment industry, who immediately followed suit. One of the first was Jewish actor Josh Gad who comes from a family of Holocaust survivors and has experienced first-hand the meaning of anti-Semitism. “What we are seeing in real time is unprecedented since the Yom Kippur War. My heart breaks for the families of those who lost loved ones and for the kidnapped hostages,” Gad wrote on his social networks.

In addition to sympathy, many stars took the opportunity to express their anger and disappointment over this inhumane conflict on their accounts. “Make no mistake: Hamas is a terrorist organization whose mission is to exterminate all Jews. I am furious with this ####world,” she said decisively. actress Sarah Silverman.

Even the music world has moved to support civilians affected by the war. World famous singer Madonna called the massacre of children attacked and killed on the streets of Israel “heartbreaking”: “My heart goes out to Israel, the families, the destroyed homes, the missing children, the innocent victims and all those who are suffering or will suffer because of this conflict.”

In recent days, several videos have gone viral on social media showing Bono, famous singer of U2dedicating his concert October 8 260 “beautiful young people” whose lives were ruined by Hamas militants during Music festival Nature Party.

Paying tribute to the victims, Bono changed the words of his hit Pride (In the name of love) and incited the crowd Sphere in Las Vegas sing a new text together.

Original version Version dated October 9

Early morning, April 4. Early morning, October 7.

A gunshot rings out over the Memphis sky. The sun rises in the desert sky.

Free at last, they took your life, Stars of David, they took your life.

But they couldn’t take your pride. But they couldn’t take your pride.

Many in the sports world also posted statements and images on social media to express their support for the citizens of Israel. “Forget about politics, money and land. This is hatred! Ancient hatred that we have already seen in the past,” he wrote. former NFL player Julian Edelman on your X account.

However, support for Israel was not free from controversy. and many celebrities have faced backlash, especially from the younger generation (Generation Z).

In these cases, the wave of criticism was aimed not only at supporting Israel, but also at understanding and representing the conflict, which various celebrities reported on social media, further expanding the debate.

If supporters of Israeli citizens did not have an easy life, the consequences were even more severe for all those who used their accounts to support the Palestinian cause, as happened to former adult film actress Mia Khalifa.

Mia Khalifa and Palestine supporters

Mia Khalifa

Monday, October 9
famous American erotic magazine Playboy announced that he has Collaboration with playmate and former Lebanese porn actress Mia Khalifa ended following his statements in support of recent Hamas attacks on Israel.

“We are writing to inform you of our decision to end our professional relationship with Mia Khalifa, including removing her channel from our platform,” the magazine told its users. “We encourage freedom of expression and constructive political debate, but we have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech.”

The former playmate’s claims, considered “disgusting and reprehensible”, relate to a tweet on his platform. over 5 million subscribers), in which Khalifa advised the Hamas group film their actions horizontally “to be able to better observe what is happening.” Many of these videos depict the massacre of innocent men, women and children.

Khalifa subsequently published a post clarifying his comment: “This statement in no way encourages the spread of violence. I specifically said:freedom fighters because that’s what Palestinians do… fight for freedom every day.”

His position was encouraging Playboy and Red Light Holland, for which Khalifa acted as a consultant, to sever all ties with the star, who responded by calling its former employees “Zionists.” “I’m from Lebanon, I’ve survived more IDF airstrikes than your privileged little brain can imagine,” Khalifa fumed.

Other celebrities, while speaking out against Hamas, have come under fire for expressing their disdain for the Israeli army’s massacre of civilians in the Gaza Strip.

“We pray for the safety of the innocent people in the Gaza Strip who are being bombed and besieged,” he wrote. actor Mark Ruffalo, sharing a message from journalist Nathan Thrall. This post caused a lot of negative reactions from fans of the American actor, who accused him of supporting the massacre of militias.

The same appeal was addressed Emma Watson in January 2022. The famous star of the Harry Potter saga posted a collage on her Instagram account with the words “solidarity is a verb”, against which protesters with Palestinian flags appeared. Although this proposal was one quote from feminist scholar Sara Ahmed in support of peace between Palestine and IsraelThe post was condemned by several Israeli officials, who accused Watson of anti-Semitism.

These reactions demonstrate that celebrity support for the Israel-Palestine cause plays a fundamental role in shaping public opinion, making them a target for criticism. constant control which can often misunderstand their meaning. For this reason, artists such as Madonna preferred to distribute their message of peace clear, simple and exemplary: “we pray for everyone, for Israel, for the world and for the world.”

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