The Weekend in Milan: two sold-out dates with big hits, special effects and a mega robot

Milan – weekend They booked the Asago Forum in autumn. Then we realized that something big was happening and the organizers decided to postpone everything until the summer, moving the show first to the San Siro stadium and then there.Snowy La Moura Racecourse, In the end, the big man turned out to be big enough to make everyone believe his to flutter Celebration: wednesday 26 And Thursday 27 July,

The Canadian singer and Milan’s song was more of a nuclear blast than a jolt of electricity, so much so that, twenty-four hours after her debut, I’m already 155 thousand who has a pocket stamp for the event. Indeed, events, given that yesterday’s 80,000 on Wednesday July 26 (sold out Amen) were joined by the answer’s 75,000 on Thursday 27.

Thanks to the popularity seized by The Weeknd (reggae) Abel Makkonen Tesfayeson of Ethiopian immigrants who was born in Toronto in the ’90s) with one of the superbowl halftime The luckiest ever, 2021, which entered homes while the world was in lockdown but also saw the release of the hugely successful HBO TV series “Sculpture” And, above all, record tests such as “starboy,after hours“or that”down fmin which the presence of quincy jones, Tyler The Creator and actor Jim Carrey. a soul legacy from beyond 75 million copies sold,

The bulk of the show’s 34 moments come from these three albums, albeit covers. Kanye West such as “Hurricane”, by Fly singles such as “Crew Love” or the singles born of Canadian Idol’s collaboration with French gesaffelstein (“Lost in the Fire”), with mother of jesus And playboy carty (“popular”), with Swedish House Mafia (Concluding “Moth to a Flame”).

special effects a monumental scenic equipment And futuristic (characterized bygiant humanoid Designed for the video of “Echoes of Silence” by Hajime Sorayama in 2011 and a ball that shines in the void) is a greatest hits live with all the success it gave the protagonist of “K”.blind lightThe aura of the new ruler of international pop.

Things like “Can’t Feel My Face” (the single that propelled her to the top of the charts on the planet in 2015), “Starboy”, “I Feel It Coming”, “Save Your Tears”. Headed towards Between the dances of Giorgio Moroder and they Daft Punk Seven years before he was potentially forced to change his sound, “The Weeknd” reveals what appears to be the first reference to “The Idol” in his small-screen career The “prince” was painted in the house where the series is set (actually his house). He still has a long way to go, but the talent is there. Proof of this is the dazzling, gleeful celebration of the relentless visual bombardment for which he is preparing these hours in the Bulgari suite.

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