The Weeknd didn’t want to laugh and sing with a fan at Foro Sol concert

The Weeknd will appear twice on Foro Sol (Archive).

Don’t forget that you won’t be able to add it until the first gig is over. Weekend This is in Sol Forum affairs Mexico City. Abel Tesfaye appeared on Sunday, September 29, to perform his greatest hits in front of a much-deserved Mexican audience.

One of the most memorable moments of the performer’s concerts Earned That’s when you get to the heart of the script to find your audience’s first line and choose a lucky guy or lucky assistant to sing with you on the same microphone you have to do your show.

El show on ale Sol Forum there was no exception when the singer interpreted the theme Out of time I chose a girl from the audience, but when I pass the microphone to her, I can only shout the emotional song instead of singing it harmoniously. Until then, the artist cannot afford to laugh.

The singer chose an assistant, but failed to make him laugh. (Photo: X: XO_Latam)

Cabe destacar que la risa de Weekend it was not with malice or jest, but with great confusion and joy at reciting his fanaticism while singing one of his successful themes in front of more than 50 thousand spectators in sold out marking the first concert of the translator Evil Games.

Many fans who relived the moment in social circles assured that it was one of the successes that they “caught the night” out of curiosity and pleasure when they asked an excited fan to sing the song along with Abel Tesfaye.

These are the most popular comments in the video comment box. Weekend This is in Sol Forum:

“Thank you for making us happy again”, “Don’t play because I’m happy with her”, “We are waiting for you without a doubt”, “Thank you for making us happy at night”, “Moments at the concert” will not allow me to remain the same, not being young”, “It’s public entertainment”, “As a girl, the concert was supposed to please everyone.”

The Weeknd performs a lot at his concerts. Twitter/theweeknd

Let no one hope that the second day will come. Weekend This is in Sol Forum It’s important to all of his fans, and like you, we’re impressed enough to consider it one of the best. concerts 2023 and an unforgettable success for all his fans.

This is how fun I performed the number at my first concert Mexico that was all Monterrey last Tuesday, September 26th, there was some confusion for a while.

One of the details that has grown into a tradition concerts ru Mexico Fueron Los Plush Toys about the peculiar person I know as Dr. Simi, who helps fans at the presentations of their favorite artists arriving on stage as a gift to the singers.

However, things don’t always go well and end in an embarrassing and graceful moment, as was the case with the show. Weekend ru Monterrey Last Tuesday, September 26, when a fan had one of these muñecos, Abel Tesfaye became furious because he mistook it for a cat.

The singer thought they were given a talisman, but it turned out to be a soft toy. Photo: X: theweekndmx

Here are some of the comments that were made in social circles: “Hi darling, and I was amused when I realized that he is not a cat”, “I love him, not as much as everything that has happened in history”, “ Todo asustado el poor Abel, but good, so you know what he expects from CDMX”, “we love Abel for his sensilise, which we tried for the first time and are always happy”, “Jajaja, when he says: “He thought that he cat”, he died of laughter.”

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