The Weeknd: “Enough Duets Already”

‘Enough Duets’: The Weeknd has decided to say ‘no’ to all the offers he gets. The Canadian singer, who was recently seen in Italy, in Milan, where he drove 80,000 spectators crazy for two nights in a row at the Snai La Maura hippodrome, said this during a concert in Warsaw.

Introducing a preview of the new song “Another one of me”, recorded with an unidentified colleague, Abel Tesfaye promised: “This will be the last engagement of my career.” He then elaborated on social media, ‚ÄúThis is the last duet. I’ll only get back to it when Daft Punk reunites.” Provocation? What if “Another one of me” was just a collaboration with Daft Punk, getting back together after announcing their split two years ago?

The Weeknd collaborated with Daft Punk already on “Starboy” – the title track of the self-titled album – and on the hit “I feel it going”. The artist performed two songs live with the French duo at the 2017 Grammy Awards. Speaking of his relationship with the duo, The Weeknd said, “They’re one of the reasons I make music.”

In addition to Daft Punk, The Weeknd has also garnered collaborations over the years with Drake, Future, Lana Del Rey, FKA Twigs, Mike Dean. He recently recorded two songs from “Utopia” with Travis Scott: “K-pop” and “Circus Maximus”.

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