The Wolf Cut is the wild cut for early spring

Also adopted by many stars, it has quickly become one of the most clicked cuts on Instagram. It’s called Wolf Cut. A return to the wildest nature.

Spring begins, nature awakens and takes back its spaces. That’s why hairstylists have developed the Wolf Cut. A return to one wildest dimensionof our identity. Here is the perfect cut for this spring.

A cut already loved by the stars

According to some sources, the origin of the cut belongs to the British, according to others to the Americans, the fact is that the trend started after some stars began to wear it and lead the way, for example Billie Eilish, Keke Palmer but most of all Miley Cyrus. The former Hanna Montana performer was the first ever to show off the cut. The version of her is two-tone. Note the strong presence of blond with some hints of black. On the other hand, only a true transgressive like her could launch a wild cut like the Wolf Cut.

The characteristics of the Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is a bold mash-up of two of the hottest cuts right now: the shag years 70’s and the mullets from the 80s , gathered together in a very modern solution. As the name suggests, the Wolf Cut is wild thanks to a series of tousled, wavy hair layers that hint at a slight fishbone shape as the hair is cut shorter around the crown to create volume, with longer layers in the back.

Surely this cut is very demanding, especially if you start with fairly short layers around the crown, as a result it may take some time to grow out. But it promises months of enviable volume.

A cut that adapts to different types of hair

Another important feature of the Wolf Cut is its ductility. This can be done starting with a cut smooth, frizzy but also curly. On the contrary, the curly version allows you to give a less wild and tidier cue to the cut. Also interesting is the bob version. In this possibility we can have a sort of wavy bob, which settles in a few moves. In any case, the amount of tousled and ‘messy’ layers is up to the hairdresser and the client to decide.

Don’t be intimidated by the wilder aspect of the cut. If well done, it adapts to all occasions, even the most institutional ones. All that remains is to try it!

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