their contract is about to expire

Dyad has left WWE: their contract is about to expire
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Commentator for WWE NXT Booker T recently wanted to talk about the status of Rip Fowler (Zack Gibson) and Jagger Reed (James Drake) from Dyad.. Their The two contracts expire in October 2023. and it was previously reported that the couple will soon leave the companyasking not to compete in WWE again, having demanded dismissal in April 2023.

Booker T said: “There are still a couple of guys who they just came out of the WWE, The Dyad. These boys they just let their contract expireReally they will leave the company. They might show up in AEW, who knows. They may return to the UK again. Reed, Fowler, those guys were my favorites and I thought they were really good. Just think of the Grizzled Young Veterans… I liked those guys and I wouldn’t want them to leave.”

Following Dyad’s loss to The Creed Brothers on NXT on August 29, Schism appeared without the duo on the September 12 episode of NXT.fueling rumors of their farewell, now confirmed by legend.

There were already rumors in April

In April 2023, the Wrestling Observer magazine radioed some details about their situationThanks to Dave Meltzer who stated:

“Everything is uncertain now. They told people that they had been delivered. I actually heard from someone at WWE this morning, “Yeah, they’re gone,” and later that day they said, “I don’t think they got the release.” They told people they had it, but I got the impression that they didn’t necessarily have it. So we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out over the next couple of days. But I don’t think “officially”. They may have gotten it, but I had a feeling it wasn’t as official as they thought and everyone else (WWE) thought too.”

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