There are still signs that Beyoncé will be coming to Australia soon – in 2023.

Beyoncé’s sister Solange just performed in Sydney. AND Beyoncé has just completed legs of her “world” tour in Europe and North America – so will she be coming in 2023? It’s looking more and more like yes.

What are the upcoming dates for Beyoncé’s world tour?

The superstar was on her Renaissance World Tour through Europe and she just completed a trip to North America. Kansas City, Missouri October 1, 2023 She doesn’t seem to have any other dates. Renaissance World Tour there is no website yet, but the word “World” always hinted that she would conquer other continents.

When Is Beyoncé touring Australia?

This is all we know: Beyoncé has yet to announce dates for her Australian tour, howeverour promoters have confirmed that there will be shows in Australia, with dates in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, as well as New Zealand. TThe star teased a potential tour date in Sydney, with fans on social media capturing the Sydney countdown clock in her production for America has a problem. There are rumors that she will appear here in November 2023.

When Beyoncé Announces Australian Tour Dates?

In classic bey style she Renaissance The world tour was announced to the whole world one brilliant Instagram post (really, that’s all you need when you’re *her*), and this world tour will be her first in seven years. So keep an eye on her Instagram profile. There are reasons why she may not have come here last time she toured the world, but the government is looking into those issues.

If Lemonade star is truly taking a trip down, this will be her first performance on our Great Southern Earth since she Mrs Carter tour in 2013. With the perfect decadal symmetry here, coupled with its long legacy of giving us all spontaneous and devastating surprises, it’s possible that all of us in the Southern Hemisphere shouldn’t give up hope.

Please, Bay, don’t break our souls.

How can I get tickets for Beyoncé in Australia and Sydney?

As always, tickets should be available as soon as they go on sale. on Titekek.

Sydney, we can’t buy Beyoncé tickets yet, but we can get them to watch:

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