There is no justification for bombing civilians in Gaza

Macron to Israel: There is no justification for bombing civilians in Gaza

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In the context of accelerating regional efforts to reach a humanitarian ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip, French President Emmanuel Macron urged Israel to stop shelling killing civilians in the besieged Strip, stressing that there is no no justification for killing them.

Macron said in a BBC interview broadcast Friday evening: “We share Israel’s pain and we share its desire to get rid of terrorism,” adding: “But in reality today there are civilians who are being bombed. These children, these women, these old people are being bombed and killed, and there is no excuse or justification.” “There is no legitimacy for this. So we urge Israel to stop.”

The French president further added: “This reaction in the fight against terrorism, since it comes from a democracy, must comply with international rules of war and international humanitarian law.”

Discontent in the region

In response to a question about Israel’s possible violation of international law, Macron stressed that he is “not a judge”, expressing his concern that the “intensive bombing” of Gaza could lead to “discontent” in the region.

These statements came the day after a “humanitarian conference” organized on Thursday in Paris at the initiative of the French president, during which he called for “work to reach a ceasefire”.

He stressed on Friday that “there is no other solution other than a humanitarian truce before moving towards a ceasefire that allows for the protection of all civilians who have no connection with terrorists.”

“It is impossible to explain that we want to fight terrorism by killing innocent people,” he said.

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Death toll

The Israeli authorities announced in an updated toll that as a result of the attack carried out by Hamas fighters in southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, 1,200 people died, most of whom were civilians, most of whom died on ​​first day of the attack. .

While on the Palestinian side, according to the latest toll announced on Friday by the Ministry of Health of the Hamas government, more than 11,078 people have been killed, including more than 4,506 children, following the Israeli bombings on the Gaza Strip since 11. start of the war following the attack launched by the Palestinian movement against Israel on 7 October.

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