“There is no place where you will be welcomed like San Sebastian”

Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain reflected on Zinemaldia and admitted that “there is no place where you will receive the same welcome as the San Sebastian Film Festival.” In a DV interview with the director of the film he stars in, Memento, Michael Franco, he states that in a job as challenging as the one he starred in, “it’s not easy to go back to normal because everything you’re going through, penetrates into your body.”

– This is a newspaper that for many years discouraged a Hollywood actress from talking about alcohol or abuse. Do you now have more autonomy to step away from certain projects?

Jessica Chastain: – You have a lot to see with the director. The opportunity to work with Franco was a great option. I made this offer after winning the Oscar, and there was no other site to save for this production. Sometimes these great films make you more money, but you don’t feel as creative because you’re relying on what you call them during a scene… With Franco, that’s how to do theater, every role. of you need this for a project and it’s a wonderful thing. We have more than one film and let’s go on a long journey together.

– Will they present any more joint films?

“It doesn’t matter what happens because everything can change.” I prefer to ask myself, what are you, hemos, hecho.

How did you transform an extroverted character like the one in The Eyes of Tammy Fay into someone with the same inner energy as the character in Memento?

Jessica Chastain: -I like what happens inside and outside a person. There are things that the main character does not want to share and other issues that he wants to show to the whole world. In Tammy Faye she wanted to be the center of attention, but in this case she wanted to disappear.

Mahael Franco: – The film goes to bad people. But not only the main characters, but also the whole society. These characters interest me much more than those who pretend to be perfect characters. The challenge is to make it truthful and completely authentic. In our case, many of the actors who participate are not professionals, in the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting they are the same users and Chastain wanted to be the same as the real people who were. It’s the wonder of meeting new people rather than creating clichés.

– This is a work in which the main characters flourish very much. Will I be able to return to normal life after such hard work?

Jessica Chastain: – It’s not easy. The reality is that in an article that has this kind of content, everything you experience goes inside your body, and it appears that what you are interpreting happened to you. Documents and personal experience are combined. I’d say anything is better than a scar. It makes you connect with people through invisible characters, which connects me with the characters I play.

– How did you, as an actor and as a person, learn to interact with non-professional actors?

Jessica Chastain: – A lot of what real life is. When someone is a professional actor, you don’t want to look like that, blend in with what’s going on with the reredor. You planteas qué hacer. For this reason, you build moments and conversations with them, it is a precious thing. Don’t stop looking at the lights or the hundreds of people.

– At the Venice Film Festival, he revealed the difficulties of making a film for identity. How do you manage your life personally and professionally?

Jessica Chastain: I tend to think that my personality is fluid. That is, I am a person who does not always want to be in this form and who has his moments with those who are right and those who are wrong. I want to allow myself to grow, learn and be open. Of course, I have certain restrictions, but I have the freedom to change. These are choices that occur not only in my personal life, but also in my work.

– Chastain won La Concha de Plata in 2021, and Franco has competed at the festival in previous years. What vivid impressions did they have from their trip to Donostia?

Jessica Chastain: -I love being here. Last day we visited the Guggenheim, Balenciaga… it was incredible. We are also encouraged to walk around the city a lot and search for La Concha. In addition, it gave me time for other films that were shown in the cinema quite a few times. I am captivated by the San Sebastian public, surrounded by all the people who were waiting for me. There is no other site where you are welcome. This is a precious festival.

– He approached Donostia in a shirt reminiscent of the color of the actors. Do you think this light will open fireplaces in other sectors?

“There are people who don’t want to talk about the color or the butts of the actors, but I think they will have to do it.” Some people find it difficult to raise their voice because we are very lucky to work in this sector, we start very young and we have this privilege. Likewise, it feels like speaking your mind makes you want to call me. These people are interesting to us. If you’re going to link it to an account and the trade ends when you start trading because you lost $5 billion.

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