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Finally, as directly confirmed Zuckerbergvery desirable the battle between the owner of Meta and the owner of X will not happen, because Mask to have shoulder surgery (although it was he who persistently suggested this).

Mark immediately said he was ready for the idea, and his desire to fight the South African billionaire is one of the most concrete evidence that Zuckerberg is still capable of showing human emotions (there are memes that have been circulating for years).

Elon Musk’s constant dissing (a few days ago he posted messages on X where he claimed to be going to his opponent’s house ready to fight) only serves divert attention from more important news on his account: according to the analysis Washington Postunder his leadership, former Twitter limits links to sites it doesn’t likeadding 5 second delay when people click on links that lead to sites that Musk doesn’t like, such as The newspaper “New York Times and Facebook and many others.

Drew Harwell, Correspondent Washington Postfurther noted that these actions, which would reveal Zuckerberg’s personal whereabouts, would violate a policy that Musk put in place last year to block an account that tracked the movements of his private jet. While there is not the slightest risk to Zuckerberg’s safety (he spends $4 million a year keeping his family safe), promoting this childish and criminal behavior, even if it doesn’t actually happen, goes far beyond subservience.

Circus Maximus is not only the arena where Travis Scott performed (August 7 at the first concert of his new album Utopia), but also Italian politicians, such as the mayors of various cities, who immediately showed their willingness to approve the production of the two richest people in the world, stating that in exchange they would fundraising for health charities.

Between Benevento mayor Clemente Mastella’s proposal to organize a match in the Roman theater of his city and Sgarbi’s invitation to do so at the Colosseum, Florence mayor Dario Nardella’s idea stands out: “A challenge between geniuses like Leonardo and Michelangelo (…) Let’s make one challenge of minds, intellect. Not a muscular, physical duel. I am ready to organize with the Ministry a “clash” of ideas and visions of the future between these two great characters.” But we are certain that the person (Musk) who posts “high-caliber” insults such as “Zuk is a chicken”?

Perhaps the Italian public opinion has not yet fully understood who Elon Musk really is, and realized the horrifying consequences of his own browsing social networks average; it is for this reason that politics should not support the initiative, but act as a counterbalance.

Back in June, I talked about how after buying Twitter from Musk, the platform has become digital wild west where those who opt for a monthly subscription enjoy almost complete freedom to publish any kind of discrimination, where members of the extreme right felt free launch hate messages against various minoritiesespecially towards the LGBTQ+ community at the center of the American culture war.


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