These are the 10 most common diseases in Quito

The Ministry of Health has identified the 10 diseases with the highest incidence in Quito. The common cold and vaginitis top the list.

On the morning of January 25, 2024, Andrea Collantes arrived with her son five years Go to South of Quito.

The day before, the child proposed Fever, body aches, and runny nose.The mother was even more worried this time because “He’s been sick several times now And always have the same symptoms,” he lamented.

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After physical examination, the diagnosis was: The boy has a coldwhat the doctor said Nasopharyngitis.

A report from the Ministry of Health stated that Colds are the most common illness in Quito.

2023, health department statistics 51,612 consultations for this diseasewhich added Vaginitiswith 23,879 cases, and acute pharyngitis with 22,466 cases, listed as one of the top ten epidemic diseases.

Karina Zambrano, head of regional surveillance, prevention and control management at the Ministry of Health, explained that respiratory diseases are mainly The weather keeps changing faced by the city.

“They are viruses that spread from person to person and are found in workplaces, schools and universities,” he detailed.

Regarding vaginitis, gynecologist Lucía Méndez says, “Surprisingly, it is Second disease Most popular in Quito”.

Although he does this by pointing out that “Many women do not take good care of themselves Clean your vagina to avoid bacterial or other infections caused by the use of cosmetics.

a paradox

The list of the most common diseases in Quito also includes Anemia and obesity. The two opposite poles of malnutrition.

The latest National Child Malnutrition Survey shows that approx. 40% of children under four Quito suffers from anemia. And about 4% of children under five are overweight and obese.

Erwin Ronquillo, former head of the secretariat of the Organization Against Child Malnutrition in Ecuador, describes this reality as a paradox because “in the same country, we sick child Because eating too much High sugar products and carbohydrates, and other nutrients by consuming minimal amounts.

However, Ronquillo added, Malnutrition It’s not just about malnutrition, but “it’s a structural problem directly linked to poverty, this lack of drinking water, health and even education.

Karina Zambrano from the Ministry of Health added Anemia can also affect women, Especially for those who are breastfeeding or experiencing complications during childbirth.

Intestinal diseases Quito

Intestinal diseases are also the most serious illnesses affecting Quito residents. The Ministry of Health identified two: Intestinal parasitosis and diarrhea.

According to the world organization, these two diseases were first caused by Poor hygiene habits. The most common problem is improper food and hand washing after meals. Use the bathroom.

A study by the University of the Americas (UDLA) ensures transportation Quito Public is one of the places where there The number of bacteria is higher.

During the data collection process, the researchers discovered More than 200 species of bacteria, first Feces, skin, oral and nasal cavities.

One of the most common is E. coli. it is a bacterium That Spread due to unsanitary After going to the toilet, on my hands.

According to INEC, approx. 4% of households have children under five years old People from Quito drank water containing E. coli.

The Ministry of Health assures that in 2024 it will strengthen vaccination campaign and hygiene to reduce the number of patients suffering from the most common diseases in Quito.

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