These are the foods you should avoid to avoid hormonal acne

A feed Good health is essential to counteract the negative effects on the body, which can manifest in different ways in different parts of the body.

one of them is acnea skin disorder in which hair follicles are covered with dead cells and/or fat, usually appear in teenagers, however, they can appear at any age.

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In fact, the most common and problematic cause of this condition is disease They respond to inflammation, bacteria, and excess sebum production on the forehead, chest, and face, and may also occur on the shoulders and back. Symptoms may be whiteheads, papules, pustules, or large, painful bumps.

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), maintaining a balanced eating plan not only helps the appearance of your skin, but also the health of your body.The following foods can aggravate the condition acne Hormones include:

  • In order for sugary products, such as candies, soft drinks and all processed products, to be digested, the pancreas must release more insulin, which can stimulate sebum production.

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  • Not only do high-fat foods raise LDL cholesterol levels, they can also affect acne hormones, causing skin inflammation and sebum production.
  • Caffeine is a substance that acts on the nervous system and stimulates the body to stay awake. This is why all energy drinks containing it increase stress levels that trigger hormonal acne.
  • Spicy foods can exacerbate this condition as they can irritate the skin.

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