These are the main topics that will be discussed at the Infectious Diseases Congress

The Ministry of Health reminds that the “Second Congress of Infectious Diseases – Córdoba 2023” will be held on Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24. Promoting Accessible Healthcare Networks” and shared the main thematic axes that will be discussed during these sessions.

It is also worth remembering that the event is aimed at health professionals and interested parties and will be held at the Quinto Centenario Hotel (formerly the Sheraton Hotel), located at Av. Duarte Quirós 1300 in the capital.

The initiative is organized by the Clinical Committee and the Network of Infectious Diseases of the Province of Córdoba, focusing on the network.

In this regard, Miguel Díaz, Director of the Rosen Hospital and Coordinator of the Provincial Network, underlined: “We are interested in promoting this way of working that increases transparency in the care, diagnosis and treatment of prevalent infectious diseases on three levels.” General Assembly A variety of topics are discussed, from addressing some of the first-level epidemic infectious diseases, to addressing the highest level of diagnosis or treatment in tertiary hospitals, leaving no stone unturned on topics such as the interpretation of diagnostic tests for diseases such as tuberculosis or sexually transmitted infections.

Among the main themes of the Congress we can highlight:

Primary Health Care (PHC): Topics to be discussed include outpatient management of urinary tract infections (UTIs), evidence for treatment of acute gastroenteritis (AGE), recurrent intestinal parasitic diseases, odontogenic infections, soft tissue infections and treatment The latest treatments for respiratory infections.

Pediatrics: This area includes topics such as recurrent intestinal parasitic diseases, sepsis in boys and girls, elimination of mother-to-child transmission (ETMI Plus), pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and adolescent serology interpretation, and immunization.

Social Work: A multidisciplinary perspective on health disorders, HIV and sexually transmitted infections in the treatment of tuberculosis and its approaches.

Infection Control: Appropriate use of antimicrobials and current multi-drug resistance methods, new antimicrobial methods, challenges of taking preventive measures in medical centers, reuse of medical products and management of dialysis water will be discussed.

Immunocompromised: Related to this topic, infections in HCT/TOS, pretransplant evaluation, infectious aspects of use of biologic drugs, and non-AIDS events in HIV-infected patients will be discussed.

Additionally, this year’s program incorporates other topics related to infectious diseases, such as viral hepatitis, bone and joint infections and their interdisciplinary management, and molecular methods for microbial diagnosis.

The conference will also include topics not strictly related to the care of infectious processes, but relevant to the health realities of general hospital specialties, the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the role of social communicators and the media in infectious diseases.

Registration for the conference will be open, free and include certification. Interested parties can view the full agenda and how to register on the conference page.

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