These are the possible complications of the ‘simple’ flu

does not exist treat for Fight the flu.When you’re infected, the only thing you can do is try Relieve symptoms This way they won’t affect your daily life too much and you can Get well soon. Bone pain, headache, cough, high fever… Not feeling well for 4 or 5 days No one can save you from them. A week is how long it takes for the virus to weaken and stop causing so much discomfort, but sometimes things can get complicated.

exist elder or with chronic disease prevent your immune system from working properly, The flu can even be dangerous.

What makes influenza complicated?

The risk of flu complications fundamentally depends on two factors:

  • How aggressive is the virus?. Some winters the flu virus changes (mutates) almost its entire structure, appearance, and causes more damage because the body cannot recognize it, which does happen when the virus is similar to the previous season).
  • How strong or weak we are. If the immune system is weakened by a chronic condition such as diabetes, pre-existing respiratory conditions, or eating an unhealthy diet, the flu virus can become stronger and weaken the body even more.

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