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Valley Safety Summit: These are the points of discussion special offers

The security summit, held in northern Cali, was attended by the Mayor of Cauca Valley, Governor Clara Luce Roldan and business unions They asked the national government to provide security for the sector.

Defense Minister Ivan Velazquez and Interior Minister Luis Fernando Velascothey are hearing requests from entities and their concerns about insecurity.

As far as they are concerned, The economic sector mentions the issue of extortion, which has a serious impact on the growth of companies and businessmen. Also, with it came illegal groups that harassed businessmen.

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guild request

Edwin Maldonado, Executive Director, Valais Federation and Business Council He spoke of the importance of controlling public power when faced with the problem of blackmail:

“The concern is that it affects small businesses first and foremost, businesses are affected by the potential for confidence, job creation and income. Extortion does not allow businesses to be profitable and this impacts the investment climate in our region”

His comments into Maldonado’s microphone for 90 minutes

added to the above, Cali Chamber of Commerce President Luis Fernando Pérez, Adding to the statement from the Executive Director of the Valle Interunion and Commerce Council:

“Of the five municipalities with the worst security concerns in Colombia, two are in the Cauca Valley: Buenaventura and Tulua.”

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Likewise, Perez noted that in cities where violence persists and affects business and social development:

“Recent Business Rhythm survey shows that Cali is the city that businesses and businessmen care about most: 80.2% of respondents said safety is a major concern in our city”

A comprehensive security plan is one of the proposals put forward by the economic circles.

Mayors plead for support

The mayor of Jamundi, Andrés Felipe Ramirez, assured via his X account (formerly Twitter) that the municipality’s refusal to engage in dialogue with illegal armed groups “is a historical mistake”.

In this case, it has to do with the ongoing process of FARC dissidents.

This came after more than three days of meetings in the village of Playa Rica in Suarez municipality. in the province of Cauca; and where they congregate Various representatives of the Government of Colombia and members of the General Staff FARC Headquarters.

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