These are the reasons why they appear and how to prevent them

Although they usually disappear within a few weeks, Oral ulcersThose small sores that appear at a certain time or with a certain frequency often affect our quality of life.

The pain they cause, discomfort when eating, kissing and even talking, causes people suffering from them to seek some treatments to relieve the pain, although these often don’t provide a clear solution. Therefore, it is ideal to prevent the occurrence of these ulcers.

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Why do mouth ulcers occur?

According to the Mayo Clinic, unlike herpes, canker sores do not appear on the surface of the lips. They are not contagious.

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As for the causes of these phenomena, it needs to be emphasized that it is not completely clear yet, but there must be some factors that lead to their occurrence. These factors can be accidental things or more profound problems.

Some of them are:

  • Minor injuries to the mouth caused by dental work, excessive brushing, sports accidents, or accidental cheek biting.
  • Toothpaste and mouthwash containing sodium lauryl sulfate.
  • Sensitivity to certain foods, especially chocolate, coffee, strawberries, eggs, nuts, cheese, and spicy or acidic foods.
  • A diet deficient in vitamin B-12, zinc, folate (folic acid), or iron.
  • An allergic reaction to certain bacteria in the mouth.
  • Helicobacter pylori, the same bacterium that causes peptic ulcers.
  • Hormonal changes during menstruation.
  • Emotional stress.

although they can also occur Due to the following diseases or conditions:

  • Celiac disease is a serious intestinal disorder caused by sensitivity to gluten, a protein found in most grains.
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.
  • Behcet’s disease is a rare disease that causes inflammation throughout the body, including the mouth.
  • A defective immune system attacks healthy cells in the mouth instead of pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.
  • HIV/AIDS, suppresses the immune system.

Likewise, it is pointed out that such ulcers are more common in adolescents and young adults and also mainly affect women.

“Often, people with recurrent mouth ulcers have a family history of the disease. This may be due to genetic factors or common factors in the environment, such as certain foods or allergens.“Mayo Clinic says.

How to prevent mouth ulcers?

Although there is still uncertainty about the specific reasons, There will be some suggestions to help prevent them from occurring. These include:

  • Avoid foods that irritate your mouth, such as nuts, chips, and acidic or salty foods. Except those that may cause allergies.
  • Maintain a healthy diet to avoid lowering your defenses.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene and choose soft brushes to avoid damaging our mouths.
  • relieve pressure.

If your canker sores reoccur or are large, it is recommended that you seek professional help.

This article It is intended to provide information, not medical advice or solutions..

Always consult your doctor or specialist if you have questions about your health or before starting treatment.

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