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More and more people are visiting medical centers with stomach problems such as inflammation, gas, gastroenteritis and more. This is because when an organism infiltrates our body, the immune system employs various strategies to fight it. One of these methods involves creating inflammation in the affected cells.s, a mechanism that restricts the movement of invading microbes, preventing them from spreading in the body and causing stomach upset.

Because this is becoming an issue affecting millions of people around the world, In order to solve this problem, Harvard University, He created a list of foods that can cause inflammation in the body. Some of these have been mentioned as foods we should not be eating, despite this, their consumption is increasing in some countries.

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nutritionist dHarvard University recommends that such foods should be avoided, While many of these are part of the most commonly purchased product categories in the U.S. diet, they are also gaining popularity in consumption habits in Spain and throughout Latin America.

Which foods affect the body?

  1. General french fries and fried foods: This message extends to any form of frying, reminding us that the choice of ingredients used to cook food is important, and that other products like olive oil can be used as well.
  2. Butter and trans fats: Harvard University experts shed more light on the negative effects of these non-vegetable or artificial fats, which often make our bodies sick.
  3. White Bread and Refined Flour: These are classified as refined carbohydrates. The process these products go through removes ingredients such as bran and germ, leaving the starch as the protagonist, and eliminates fiber, minerals and protein.
  4. Red or processed meat: The World Health Organization has criticized the meats, calling them unhealthy. Differences between raw red meat and flavored varieties such as sausages are highlighted.
  5. Sugary drinks and artificial sweeteners: Carbonated and sweetened beverages are known for their high sugar content. In turn, several studies have highlighted the potential damage from excess sweeteners.

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Harvard University Offers Important Reminder About how our eating habits are related to the inflammatory response in the body, which is why it is important to eat well and maintain good health.

What are healthy foods?

*This content was produced with the help of artificial intelligence based on information published in Harvard University research and reviewed by reporters and editors.

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