They are friends? Wendy Guevara unexpectedly met with Katy Perry in Mexico

Katy Perry announced an exclusive performance at Televisa installations during UpFront 2024, an event where the television program presented its clients with the most promising projects for the next year; However, what surprised me most was that encuentro queue Wendy Guevara Tuvo with the Californian singer.

Wendy Guevara and Katy Perry

On this memorable occasion, various members of the Televisa roster gathered to enjoy the interpretations of the talented Californian singer on the second hole of San Angel.

One of the special guests for this event was Wendy Guevara, star of the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos México”. In her social circles, she shared emotional moments from her time on television when Katy Perry turned part of her Las Vegas residency into a television script.

However, the influencer was not the only famous person who attended the event and who was also delighted with the other participants: Nicola Porcella, Jorge Salinas, Sofia Rivera Torres, Tania Rincón, Andrea Legarreta, Jose Ron, Ariadna Diaz, Mane de la Parra, Sebastian Rulli and Angelique Boyernext to other famous actors.

“Hello, many celebrities” I say to Wendy Guevara as she grabs herself with the front camera of her phone. At that moment Katy Perry left her. I said hello to the room influencer with gesture of love and peace.

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Wendy Guevara admits she fell in love with Nicola

In a candid moment during the live broadcast, Wendy Guevara admitted that she wished she could regret her relationship with Nicola Porcella after realizing her feelings were genuine, given that she initially believed everything on the program was part of the game.

Wendy tried to remain relevant to the feelings that arose, telling Apio Quijano that she was just “playing.” However, I am ready to tell you that his emotions were genuine and that he was experiencing something more than a television game.

The influencer admitted that reality hit her when she watched the program and realized the depth of her feelings. “He thought and said: Yes, yes, he’s right. And he said: No, friend, I’m playing. But at that moment I thought about the 20th. Here’s a movie that puzzled us, and he said: Yes, no, Yes”disclosed.

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Here’s how Wendy Guevara if he became a celebrity in Mexico and one day was surprised to get a break encuentro With Katy Perry at an event organized by Televisa.

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