They asked the prosecutor’s office to investigate whether poor-quality food was provided to students at 210 schools

Members of the Baden Community School No. 210 Parents Council appeared at the Esquel prosecutor’s office to demand an investigation into the alleged poisoning that occurred on Friday, Aug. 11, when a meal was delivered incorrectly. the identity of the student at the school.

“We have evidence, photos, we can file a complaint. We are here to file a complaint about what happened on Friday, August 11,” Noelia, a member of the 210 School Parents Council, told the media, when he told the children when reheating food. The previous day’s food is combined with Friday’s food. This resulted in stomach pains, vomiting, gastroenteritis among boys from different classrooms.

The mum explained, “Each grade eats in its own classroom and most can’t get enough to eat but a few try. Previously, administrators had been warned that the food was inedible and the quality of the food was poor. And there was a bad smell. Food was removed from classrooms and made into egg white noodles.”

As for what happened, he revealed that he “learned out on Friday night from the kids and a mother who posted on Facebook.” Things commented. But it’s not like the director said, because they gave the children a frozen meal and a stew from the day before. Not chicken as chicken is supposed to be fresh that day. With consequences, the stew was in poor condition.

stomach ache

Another mother who approached Esquel Court said her baby ate because she was hungry, “She ate four tablespoons and told me that despite the smell, she ate because she was hungry.” So I took her to the doctor because she had stomach pains, but it was because of bad food. As a mom, I support my classmates and I want them to feed her a good meal for the health of my child and the other boys. We send them to school with confidence. ”

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