They attacked a parliamentary candidate in Ecuador

A day after presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio was assassinated in an attack that shocked the world, an Ecuadorian parliamentary candidate was shot dead while driving, local media reported, but was not injured.

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The victim of the attack, Estefany Puente, a candidate for elections to the National Assembly (AN, parliament) on the 20th of this month, occurred at noon on Thursday in central Los Rios Province of Quevedo.

Puente was in the car, accompanied by her father and a collaborator, when the vehicle was stopped by two unidentified individuals who fired several shots into the windshield in Puente’s direction before fleeing.

One of the bullets grazed the candidate’s left arm, local newspapers El Universo and Primicias reported.

Puente is the AN candidate for the local coalition, and she ran for the council seat in the last election.

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The incident came amid unrest over the murder of Villavicencio, one of eight presidential candidates running in Sunday’s election, which will end current head of state Guillermo’s term. People lasso, they will be selected.

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