They condemn the death of a Cuban man due to alleged medical negligence

On Sunday, a woman reported on her social networks that her son died due to medical negligence at the Ernesto Guevara Hospital.

Cuban mother Lisaandra Cancela said she traveled to Cuba with the intention of taking her son to Spain, but all she did was bury him.

The woman commented that her son was in severe pain and that doctors could not decipher his condition, despite the young man’s claims that he needed surgery for an ulcer.

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“The Cuban doctors did not see my case and my son asked for surgery for an ulcer but they were unwilling to do so. They sent him home twice and he went to the Ernesto Guevara Hospital where they diagnosed him with gastritis , and then killed him,” the publication wrote.

The woman claims her son died as a result of medical negligence because his condition was exactly what he said it was.

He also pledged that he would not rest until he met those responsible for his son’s death in prison. “The stretcher bearers were sleeping and a man appeared and my son had to pay 1,000 pesos to carry the stretcher; unfortunately I had not arrived yet. This all happens in Cuba,” lamented the Cuban mother.

Cancela added that despite her son leaving early, she was grateful for the opportunity to work and give him everything she had.

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These cases of medical negligence occur in Cuba, and despite the regime’s assurances to the world that Cuba’s health system is strong, the reality is that people are dying on the island waiting for ambulances, waiting for medicines and lack of care in health centers.

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