They did it with Saddam… Israel distributes “playing cards” with images of Hamas leaders

Hamas leader on playing cards (quoted by the Israeli website ynetnews)

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While claiming to be determined to “end the presence of the Hamas movement” in the Gaza Strip, even if the war lasts months, Israel has resorted to strange methods.

Playing cards with the faces of Hamas leaders

Israeli army forces in Gaza distributed packs of cards with the faces of senior Hamas figures, in “psychological warfare designed to taunt Hamas officials in the tunnels and upset their balance,” the site reported.” ynetnews”.

In detail, in recent days Israeli forces have distributed 10,000 packs of postcards to their soldiers in Gaza, each containing 52 photos of important “wanted” Hamas figures, including the movement’s leader, Yahya Sinwar, and the head of its wing military, Muhammad al -Deif.

The initiative, whose origins are unclear, appears to have different interpretations and meanings, as these cards serve as a tool to identify Israeli soldiers.

It also indicates that Israel has mapped out a “theoretical end to the war,” as its main goal is to eliminate or arrest all Hamas leaders who have been photographed, meaning they are known to it by face and name.

Hamas leaders on playing cards

Furthermore, according to the report, this initiative aims to undermine the balance of the senior Hamas leaders hidden in the tunnels, demonstrating the Israeli army’s determination to arrest them.

The idea of ​​bringing together 52 leading members of Hamas in a single document is accompanied by more important measures taken by Israel, as it also highlights the international legal measures against them, especially since the documents aimed at the “demotion” of some members of the movement. senior members.

As for the aces in the deck, they are Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Meshal, current and former heads of the Political Bureau of the Hamas movement, and Marwan Issa, representative of the military wing of the movement in the Political Bureau.

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And also Muhammad, Sinwar’s brother, as the Joker, and certainly Yahya Sinwar and Muhammad Deif.

The set also includes 10 cards of previously deceased prominent figures.

They did it with Saddam Hussein

Perhaps what is striking is that this step was not an Israeli invention, as the US military did something similar after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, when it distributed playing cards with images of figures wanted by the regime of the late president Saddam Hussein.

Interestingly, Yahya Al-Sinwar, head of Hamas’ political bureau in the Gaza Strip since 2017, is described by Israelis as a “dead man” and is considered, along with the leader of Hamas’ military wing, Muhammad Al – Deif, of being the mastermind behind the planning of the October 7 attack in Israel.

Today these two have become the most wanted by Israel, which has repeatedly underlined that the war in the Gaza Strip will not end until the goal, as it claims, of eliminating the Hamas movement is achieved.

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