They don’t want to vaccinate their children, Judge Mendoza forces them

This Thursday, a baby was born cuyo clinic Manchester City embroiled in controversy over parents Refusal to vaccinate infants. Their excuse is that one of their children has autism as a result of vaccines—an idea long denied by science. The judiciary had to intervene in the case.

With the birth of their new baby, a family from Las Heras came to the clinic to expand their family. According to the health programme, newborns receive two vaccines, the first is hepatitis B vaccine, which is given within 12 hours of birth, and the second is tuberculosis vaccine, which must be given before the baby and mother leave the hospital.

Parents have asked medical staff to delay the practice, saying the resistance is because another of their children has autism spectrum disorder as a result of receiving the vaccines. All of this is despite there being no evidence of any link between any vaccine and autism or autism disorder.

The baby finally got the dose.

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It is understood Diary 1The parents then presented medical certificates and asked medical staff to postpone the vaccination for another week.

Thereafter, the clinic authorities informed the judge of the situation and Family Court of Las Heras Province The decision determines that a child should be vaccinated even if his parents object, giving them the right to intervene with the help of public forces.

After a tense moment, the parents agreed and the baby was vaccinated with the appropriate dose for his age.

The judicial authorities intervened in the case.

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